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What's this? Snorlax is evolving!

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User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#21
CircleOfManias posted...
McTCM posted...
Why hate that Snorlax gets an evo?

eviolite Snorlax would be a beast.

Good thing you aren't a game designer. You clearly don't give a rat's ass about balance.

Eviolite chansey still has better Special bulk, and a more reliable recovery.
And besides, we'd just bring back snorlax of how he was in RSE were tanking was more then just 3HKOs.

I doubt this will make him OP (just a beast).
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User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#22
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User Info: gamermasterwiz

4 years ago#23
I bet if they gave Him an evo it should be like a Yeti or Bigfoot!
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