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What are you going to name your Pokemon?

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User Info: BKXD

4 years ago#1
I'm naming mine after significant people from World War 2.

For example:
Chespin - Church
Piplup - DeGaulle
[a psychic type] - Turing
[a fighting type] - Patton

Not sure who else I'll use.

User Info: SteaIth_Rock

4 years ago#2
Pointed stones dug into Charizard!
Charizard lost 50% of its health.

User Info: Gu3rri11a

4 years ago#3
Shelmit - Hiter

Make sure he learns Final Gambit.
It's true that patience is a virtue, but the fact is that Giant Boo is never going to move again unless you turn around.

User Info: Darksta

4 years ago#4
Romney, because binders full of women.
I'm a Christian. I play Diablo 3 and one of my favorite video game characters is the Lich King from Warcraft. Deal with it.

User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#5
Gofir, the Chespin. "Greasy grimy Gofir guts"
xbL gT @ megatr0n e5kim0 ^^^ Casual player of Pokemon and Animal Crossings. Currently Lv. 10ish in Borderlands 2

User Info: Hydra_Gundam_

4 years ago#6
Walker and TexasRanger.

User Info: bananaman132

4 years ago#7
With myself in full nerd mode i will take a Fennekin and name it Kyuubi.
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User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#8
I don't know yet.

Right now my White team is:

Megatron-Shiny Golurk
Ifrit- Darmanitan
Dende- Reuniculeus
Yamamoto- Dewott
Shredder- Excadrill
Playing: Ragnarok Odyssey
I've got a poring on my mind, and toast in my mouth, let's quest!

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#9
If Shiny Froakie is green, then I'll soft reset until I get one and name it Wart.
"I'm no Jedi; I'm just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions." - Kyle Katarn

User Info: MrMaho

4 years ago#10
Well, I name all of my Pokemon after musical geniuses and musical terms.
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