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What types of DLC are you expecting?

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User Info: Master X

Master X
4 years ago#21
1) Event Legendaries NOT on cartridge.
2) Berry pot/Garden app. To grow your own berries, a small app on the 3DS and you transfer them once they've grown. With it you get a special Pokemon that evolves using berries. It has multiple branches like Eevee.
3) Pokemon Friendship app. Tamagotchi/Nintendogs style play with minigames to boost ingame friendship levels of a Pokemon. With it you get a special event Pokemon you can only get this way that only evolves multiple times by friendship.
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User Info: abcDSBT

4 years ago#22
Umm, Pokemon has ALWAYS had DLC, (C-Gear skins, Pokemon with special moves, event Pokemon, etc...) its just been free, which is how I like my DLC.
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User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#23
I guess people don't know that when there is DLC, there is an update for the online portion if it has to do with said online. Plus, if Pokemon events were on E-shop, it wouldn't matter for the people online because if they have a connection they could get said events.
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