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There should be a transgendered gym leader

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User Info: Robot_Soopa

5 years ago#31
We've already got a lesbian in Erika too.

User Info: Neo_Heartless

5 years ago#32
I know this isn't a serious topic but the day Pokemon makes me check my privlige is the day I quit gaming forever.

There's a time and a place, and pokemon is not it.

Now back to the topic at hand, its clear that Elisa is the obvious choice.
[Wubeth Intensifies]

User Info: CM_Ponch

5 years ago#33

User Info: SlimeStack

5 years ago#34
There's a transgendered character in B2W2. Got censored in the English version which is a bit disappointing. :/
Professional Chespin fanboy.

User Info: Kitschgardener

5 years ago#35
From: Whats_Up4444 | #030
Remember that episode of Pokemon where Ash thought that girl was a boy and she wanted to changed and he told the girls to leave then he was shocked to see it was a girl?

Who was she? >_>

Salon Maiden Anabel of the Hoenn Battle Frontier.

User Info: GalladetheGreat

5 years ago#36
We have Roxie, whatever it is.
Don't get mad, get gllad.

User Info: SirPierce

5 years ago#37
It's clearly Fantina.
NNID - Aerontar.
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