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Should Game Freak fix some pokemon typings in generation 6?

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User Info: radred2004

4 years ago#1
Some of the pokemon typings either make no sense or would have better sense if reinvented. I know Game Freak won't change these, though I'm bringing it up anyway. Here are some ideas listed below. Not saying these are real or should be, just throwing ideas around:

Gyarados (water/flying) >>>> Gyarados (water/dragon)
Charizard (fire/flying) >>>>> Charizard (fire/dragon) [this one is arguable]
Yanmega (bug/flying) >>>>> Yanmega (bug/dragon)
Luxray (electric) >>>>> Luxray (electric/dark)
Sceptile (grass) >>>>> Sceptile (grass/dragon)
Blastoise (water) >>>>> Blastoise (water/steel)
Psyduck/Golduck (water) >>>>>> Psyduck/Golduck (water/psychic)
Shellder/Cloyster (water) >>>>>> Shellder/Cloyster (water/steel)

I'm sure there's more.
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User Info: ItachiLightning

4 years ago#2

But they won't.

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User Info: theboogs

4 years ago#3
No. That would be broken as ****
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User Info: ItachiLightning

4 years ago#4
Charizard is almost useless and at this point, he's not one of the "starter evolutions" anymore. He has always been a dragon in our eyes (well, at least mine). I think it could be really fun if they did this, but that means Gen6 and on would have to be completely separate from all the other past games.

Then again, Charizard has been my favorite Pokemon since I was 5-6 years old, and I'm 18 now.
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User Info: pmackinnon

4 years ago#5
hee hee hee
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User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#6
Gyarados and Golduck are literally the only two that need that.

I don't see why you're handing Dragon out to any Pokemon that asks.

Cloyster and Blastoise as steel doesn't even make sense.

User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#7
radred2004 posted...
Charizard (fire/flying) >>>>> Charizard (fire/dragon) [this one is arguable]
Sceptile (grass) >>>>> Sceptile (grass/dragon)
Blastoise (water) >>>>> Blastoise (water/steel)

Thus entirely breaking the alleged "balance" (that doesn't really exist) that people who whine about Psychic/Fighting/Dark starters whine about in particular - but this time I think the whining may be justified. No. (Empoleon was Water/Steel, yes, but Torterra picked up a Ground type so he'd still have an advantage. Venusaur doesn't.)

Besides, why should Sceptile be a Dragon-type? He's not a dragon. He's a lizard.

Yanmega (bug/flying) >>>>> Yanmega (bug/dragon)

The Japanese word for "dragonfly" has nothing to do with dragons AFAIK, so this is hideously unlikely.

Shellder/Cloyster (water) >>>>>> Shellder/Cloyster (water/steel)

Cloyster's not a monotype...
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User Info: Soanevalcke6

4 years ago#8
Gyarados (water/flying) >>>> Gyarados (water/dragon) Gyarados would only be weak to Dragon, which would be pretty Over Powered for an Early/Mid Game Pokemon.
Charizard (fire/flying) >>>>> Charizard (fire/dragon) No, Charizard is a Fire Type, and he has Wings. Fire Flying
Yanmega (bug/flying) >>>>> Yanmega (bug/dragon) This doesn't even make sense
Luxray (electric) >>>>> Luxray (electric/dark) Sure
Sceptile (grass) >>>>> Sceptile (grass/dragon) This doesn't Make any Sense Either
Blastoise (water) >>>>> Blastoise (water/steel) Nah
Psyduck/Golduck (water) >>>>>> Psyduck/Golduck (water/psychic) Sure
Shellder/Cloyster (water) >>>>>> Shellder/Cloyster (water/steel) Cloyster is Water/Ice, and it really doesnt want to give up its STAB Skill Link Icicle Spear.
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User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#9
I don;t agree that any starter should be Dragon type unless all three of the trio end up that way. For the most part type changing isn't needed. Maybe Golduck becoming part Psychic.
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User Info: TehKrimboElf

4 years ago#10
Came in expecting Charizard to fire/dragon. Got Charizard to fire/dragon. Among a ton of others into dragon types. :/
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