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What Pokemon do you think you CAN own?

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User Info: D_one_Dan

4 years ago#31
Lillipup more then likely.
Official Dewott of the Pokemon White 2,Y,X and of the Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Boards

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#32
I could own a Trubbish, easily. They eat garbage. Not only will I not have to dish out additional cash for its food, I will actually save money on trash bags. Top that. I dare you.

User Info: pafbonk

4 years ago#33
A lil Marill in my pool would be happy.

I'd love a Pidgey too.
Official Lugia of the Pokemon X board.
"1+1=2" -NickLOLZ

User Info: ChackNorris7

4 years ago#34
I think I could manage an Eeveelution.
Moooooom, Xerneas and Ferb are making a title sequence!
Official Keldeo of the Pokemon X/Y boards

User Info: Zekrix

4 years ago#35
Pachirisu since there is a park near me, and squirrels are obviously there.
Swanna, Magikarp, Goldeen and Psyduck too since there is a pond nearby.

I think the Timburr line as well, somehow it fits my street territory.
~Official Mewtwo of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Boards~
The Strongest Pokemon!

User Info: arceusrules1988

4 years ago#36
Arceus. I live in the forest. It could combine those 3 plates and make the orb of life. Now I have a super garden. I just hope he like vegetables. If not there are alot of wild animals here.
--- Official Arceus of Pokemon Y. If you do not believe me ARCEUS USE JUDGEMENT.

User Info: LandscapeManX

4 years ago#37
A Skarmory and a top percentage Ratata.
Official Great Toad Sage of this board.

User Info: Thefunyarinpa

4 years ago#38
A Shaymin, an Eevee, and a Buneary.

I would love them all.
*New Official Cyndaquil of the Pokemon X board!*
---3DS FC: 1289-8486-6925---

User Info: VampLordAdamaru

4 years ago#39
Thefunyarinpa posted...
A Shaymin, an Eevee, and a Buneary.

I would love them all.

Founder - IRDC AND Fluffy the Friendly Deathclaw Fanclub
ULCE#: 9,426 of 53,160
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