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Cool 4chan Rumour

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User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#141
SirPierce posted...
SpeedDaemon posted...
SirPierce posted...
reaverz posted...
RaidenHero posted...
Someone is at it again

don't know if this has been posted yet. Could be total BS but i saw this over on 4chan

Information to be released at the Japan World Hobby Fair, followed by an English-language Nintendo Direct on Saturday, January 26th.

-164 Pokémon during the main game's Pokédex. Total of 813. 3 secret, #810-813.
-Pokémon #810, star of movie along with Genesect. Zzaxis, Psychic/Electric type, based on Higgs Boson. Special ability creates Trick Room.
-Gym Leaders of Poison, Steel, Fighting, Ground.
-Non-linear gameplay path differing by version. Begin in same town but follow different route to the end.
-Major area, new Cycling Road. Based on Tour de France.
-Villain team, "Team Helix." Military themed. Leader is female, Colonel Zenia. Wish to capture Xerneas/Yveltal to make their Pokémon stronger to conquer region.
-Professor is also female, Professor Yew. Dr. Eibe in Japanese. Very European in appearance.
-Xerneas, Normal type, found at Origin Tree. Yveltal, Flying type, found at Needle of the Sky. Both have ability, "Gene Donor," changes type to one of their moves. Between them, all TMs can be learned.
-Divene Region, very, very massive. Map is confusing.

This one can already be discounted entirely due to suggesting there's more than 800 Pokemon. GameFreak's statement was "The additions will bring the total number of Pokemon in the franchise from the current 649 to over 700." They would have said over 800 if there was going to be 813 Pokemon.

I thought that too. Well, I really like these rumors. We will find out on their legitimacy on Saturday.

Are we supposed to get new info on Saturday?

Not that I know of...but the rumor states that this will be revealed in a Nintendo Direct on Saturday.

I hope that is not the planned pokemon Z to go with X and Y. I was kind of hoping they would go with a poke based on Nidhogg....
You must let your anger be as a monkey in a pinata, hiding inside with the candy, hoping kids don't breakthrough with a stick.

User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#142
Neo_Heartless posted...
but by god I want to believe, if only for the ground Elephant.

And in that moment I swear I could hear a thousand Phanpys cry out in unison.

User Info: RaidenHero

4 years ago#143
SirPierce posted...
Xashowd posted...
The region name. As cool as it sounds, every single region name has ended up with an "oh" sound somewhere in there. Kant"oh", Joht"oh", H"oh"enn, Sinn"oh", Un"oh"va...the rumored name of the new region lacks that distictive "oh". The first four are based on actual places in Japan. Kanto and Johto are the actual names of the regions in Japan. Not fully sure where Hoenn and Sinnoh's names come from. Unova is based off of United States of America. Un Ov (of) A. This isn't a pattern. Sorry.

I am really suprised there is not a pattern...
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