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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 15 - Absol Evolution

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User Info: ConnorTheOtter

4 years ago#1
How much would you like to see an Absol Evolution in Generation 6? - Results (138 votes)
1/10 - Horrible idea
8.7% (12 votes)
0% (0 votes)
1.45% (2 votes)
2.17% (3 votes)
5/10 - I wouldn't care either way
13.77% (19 votes)
5.8% (8 votes)
9.42% (13 votes)
7.97% (11 votes)
9.42% (13 votes)
10/10 - I would love to see this!
41.3% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
01. Eevee Split Evolution 82.55%
02. Banette Evolution 79.14%
03. Dunsparce Evolution 71.19%
04. Farfetch'd Evolution 69.63%
05. Tropius Evolution 68.81%
06. Tauros/Miltank Pre-Evolution 68.18%
07. Pinsir Evolution 67.14%
08. Qwilfish Evolution 66.23%
09. Combee Split Evolution 62.25%
10. Heracross Evolution 59.71%
11. Scyther Split Evolution 54.88%
12. Skarmory Evolution 54.20%
13. Ferrothorn Evolution 27.79%

Hi all! In celebration of the announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, I'm creating this daily poll focused on the most wanted evolutions of already existing Pokemon. Generations 2 and 4 gave us many expanded families of past Pokemon, so many highly assume that Generation 6 will do the same.

So here is the deal: Each day, each member of the board may vote for Pokemon they feel should get an evolution (Onix to Steelix), pre-evolution (Bonsly to Sudowoodo), and/or split evolution (Kirlia to Gallade). I will tally all nominations, and the Pokemon with the highest votes will be the focus of the following day’s poll!

Today, we have the Disaster Pokemon from Generations 3 Absol, voted to have an Evolution.

Fan Art of a possible Absol Evolution - (<-- My Favorite)

Be sure to check these out.

After you vote, you may nominate any Pokemon, with the exceptions of Starter Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon, for a future poll.

Today everyone will have 5 nominations.

I encourage everyone to be detailed with their ideas/wishes, but your vote will be counted as long as it's clear, even if blunt.

NOTE: This is voting for an Evolution, not anything else

Sharring a BST with Magneton, it isn't impossible. Absol has been a fan favorite since Generation 3, which I understand, it's an awesome Pokemon in lore and looks. I would be happy if it happened, but I wouldn't be crushed if we just kept Absol.

Porygon 2 Split Evolution X 3
Zangoose Evolution X 2
Official Dragonite of the Pokemon X & Y Boards
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User Info: ConnorTheOtter

4 years ago#2

Kangaskhan Pre-Evolution X 56
Sawsbuck Evolution X 55
Ditto Evolution X 50

Zangoose Evolution X 43
Porygon 2 Split Evolution X 43
Seviper Evolution X 40
Jynx Evolution X 39
Luvdisc Evolution X 37

Lanturn Evolution X 35
Donphan Evolution X 33
Kabutops Evolution X 32
Arbok Evolution X 31

Chimecho Evolution X 30
Arcanine Evolution X 28
Dragonair Split Evolution X 27

Sableye Evolution X25
Vulpix Split Evolution X 25
Lapras Pre-Evolution X 25
Kangaskhan Evolution X 24
Omastar Evolution X 20

Mawile Evolution X 18
Corsola Evolution X 17
Tauros Evolution X 16
Houndoom Evolution X 16
Sandslash Evolution X 15
Quagsire Evolution X 15
Basculin Evolution X 15

Galvantula Evolution X 14
Lapras Evolution X 13
Druddigon Evolution X 13
Aerodactyl Evolution X 12
Spinda Evolution X 12
Torkoal Evolution X 11
Scyther Pre-Evolution X 11

Rapidash Evolution X 10
Ledian Evolution X 10
Granbull Evolution X 10
Smeargle Evolution X 10
Kecleon Evolution X 10
Swoobat Evolution X 10
Aerodactly Pre-Evolution X 10
Kakuna Split Evolution X 10
Shellos (East) Split Evolution X 10

Lucario Evolution X 9
Shuckle Evolution X 8
Onix Split Evolution X 8
Octillery Evolution X 7
Xatu Evolution X 6
Dugtrio Evolution X 5
Mightyena Evolution X 5
Chatot Evolution X 5
Luvdisc/Amoraroma Pre-Evolution X 5
Porygon Split Evolution X 5
Mime Jr. Split Evolution X 5

Delibird Evolution X 4
Girafarig Evolution X 3
Pachirisu Evolution X 3
Carnivine Evolution X 3
Garbodor Evolution X 3
Cryogonal Evolution X 3
Emolga Evolution X 3
Pinsir Pre-Evolution X 3
Remoraid Split Evolution X 3
Stantler Evolution X 2
Maractus Evolution X 2
Sigilyph Evolution X 2
Stunfisk Evolution X 2
Durant Evolution X 2
Heatmor Evolution X 2

Ninetales Evolution X 1
Muk Evolution X 1
Sudowoddo X 1
Steelix Evolution X 1
Wobbuffet Evolution X 1
Liepard Evolution X 1
Onix Pre-Evolution X 1
Skarmory Pre-Evolution X 1
Jigglypuff Split Evolution X 1
Magikarp Split Evolution X 1
Lombre Split Evolution X 1
Vanillish Split Evolution X 1

Today is my 17 month anniversary with my lovely girlfriend, so needless to say I won't be here to update or answer questions most of the day. If anyone wants to help out do doing anything from bumping to updating, that would be awesome, thanks ~ CtO
Official Dragonite of the Pokemon X & Y Boards
3DS FC: 3093 - 7635 - 8978

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#3
10/10 of course.

Nominations to Sawsbuck evo.
BlackFC:1807-8830-3725 "Squids are evil!"
Official Zoroark of the Pokemon XY board

User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#4
Nom Dragonair X5
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User Info: BolognaSammich

4 years ago#5
x5 Ditto evo
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User Info: squdgy

4 years ago#6
5x Sableye
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User Info: Squirrelgate

4 years ago#7
Noms to Sawsbuck evo.

User Info: koopabros64

4 years ago#8
I wouldn't really care either way.

x5 Shuckle evolution
The Platypus, the reason games like spore exist.

User Info: 6bananza

4 years ago#9
Torkoal Evo X3
Sandslash Evo X3
Official Articuno of the Pokemon X and Y boards.

User Info: FungusForBrains

4 years ago#10
7/10, I'd wanna see it, would be cool. :D

3x Galvantula evolution
2x Mightyena evolution
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