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Most Hated Generation.

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User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#121
Bronze_Stuff posted...

1 isn't my favorite. 2 is my favorite overall. And it doesn't mean anything. I intentionally ignored lick because it's obviously unfavorable. As for your logic, it still doesn't work. Ghost was a problem in itself because of typing that was fixing in Gen II. Ice is still curable. It's just an extreme oversight. The same way with Gen 2, the boxes keep your pokemon saved if you shift them around even if you restart the game, which let's you clone Pokemon.

Those aren't glitches. Glitches are things like say... Getting bad egg when you didn't actually do anything to warrant it.

Doesn't matter. You're part of the small minority that isn't fazed by that but many will agree that those oversights were very annoying and made the game much less enjoyable than the other games in the series. Broken games always suck. Gen IV objectively has the best mechanics in the series unless you're deviant and like extremely easy games that a child can beat. All the other stuff, charm, best region, best Pokemon designs are subjective and actually the 4th gen had way better music, region, postgame (even diamond and pearl had better postgames than all previous except emerald), pokemon, and charm than all the other previous games for me.

Bad eggs are impossible to get unless you use cheating devices.

User Info: sinfulGrimoire

4 years ago#122
Ari917 posted...
sinfulGrimoire posted...

106 new Pokemon isn't enough? Yeah, it was the smallest Generation so far, but I think that's a good thing. New Pokemon need to stop being made.

Lets be quite honest here, if they stopped making new Pokemon the series would lose a lot of its appeal to most of the general audience.

Well yeah, but pretty soon there's going to be over 1000, and that's just way too many for anyone to keep track of. It's like with a movie series, there's a point where it just needs to stop. There were 7 Saws, which was too many. There's like 6 Final Destination. There were a ton of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Halloween. They just get old and uninteresting after a while.
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