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C/D: This is the size Legendary Pokemon should be!

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User Info: XxMahnaMahnaxX

4 years ago#41
That picture is really awesome
Why don't we show them the entire process including our breakdown.

User Info: Dragonitetamer

4 years ago#42
RX0mega posted...
IP locked, just so you know to make your vote count. Anyway, this is the example.

So? I'm getting tired of these Pokemon that supposedly have powers that rival that of gods being only half a foot taller than a freaking full grown human. They need more epic factor.

Are you questioning Mewtwo?
I hope you arent because he deserves the power of the "your gods" Atleast he haves an intresting backstory!!!
And is not randomly put there for no reason there is freaking reason he rivals of your so called gods!! mainly Savagenes hate and and yes a part of his powers comes from sience I wont deny it!
But This isnt the first time Mewtwo' s thunder get stolen!
He has a story to tell and isnt randomly bland.

User Info: GATTJT

4 years ago#43
From: RX0mega | #040
But since you asked, it's 11’06”

And according to you, this is comparable to a human.

User Info: FantasyLogic

4 years ago#44
So many terrible ideas on this board.

User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#45
i feel you are overestimating the importance of your poll by ip blocking multi votes and then bragging about it.

also that would be stupid if they were all that big. it would be ridiculously easy to find them.

User Info: thatdude227

4 years ago#46
megamanx1291 posted...
Xenopoké Chronicles.

im glad im not the only one thinking this
"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Shigeru Miyamoto

User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 years ago#47
Wasn't Wailord stated to be the largest pokemon in the world though?
Like actual Blue Whales.

Having something overshadow Wailord just to be impressive is lame.
If the important thing is that it's huge, then it'll simply be ignored like wailord.

I find it much more impressive that an 11' Groudon is powerful enough to shift tectonic plates, and force volcanic eruptions.
If it were 900' tall, and 50,000 tons that'd be a much less impressive feet.
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User Info: Ha1rycow

4 years ago#48
Pokemon =/= Xenoblade

User Info: Wombatish

4 years ago#49
RX0mega posted...
Lexifox posted...
I don't see any reason that strength and power should be conformed to a specific size, particularly when a lot of their mythical abilities aren't based on physical capabilities.

Okay, so you think a Pokemon that literally has the power to raze an entire region to the ground in an inferno in an instant should be about the same size as you and me, or even comparable to you and me?

Even the sprites in the games make the Legendary Pokemon look huge, then you whip out the Pokedex and see they're comparable to a 11 year old kid -_-

I mean take a look at the weight and height, of, say, Kyogre. A Pokemon so powerful it literally can create downpours, and is called the "Sea Basin Pokemon". It is 4.5 meters high, and weighs about as much as a really obese adult.

The same goes for Palkia, a Pokemon that is literally a deity that alters the fabric of the universe.

Even more ridiculous in comparison to those two is Groudon. 3.5 meters tall, and it weighs 950 kilos. This is a Pokemon that can cause harsh sunlight, and is call The Continent Pokemon. The Continent Pokemon is comparable to a human in size...

Hell the anime even portrays the Legendary Pokemon far larger than humans for the most part (exceptions are obviously small things like Shaymin, though even that isn't as small as the game would have you think).

These Pokemon are hyped up in their own games as titans, things to be feared. Titans are generally huge. These....are small. When you are supposedly an allmighty god like Pokemon and are vastly overshadowed by Wailord then there is a problem.

It makes them far more impressive to have their godlike powers yet are so small. Imagine a colossus from your picture standing in the middle of a region engulfed by flames. Now picture the poke actual sized in that same situation. The larger one makes more sense, but the smaller is far more impressive.

User Info: GATTJT

4 years ago#50
From: Wombatish | #049
Imagine a colossus from your picture standing in the middle of a region engulfed by flames. Now picture the poke actual sized in that same situation.

I think this really hurts your argument.
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