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Have you ever caught a shiny?

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User Info: Fauxreguard

4 years ago#11
Shiny Buneary in Diamond, and shiny Purrloin in White. Both pretty early in the game. Had never run into one (legitimately *cough*Gameshark*cough* <_<) before that. And I've played Red*, Yellow*, Silver, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, and SoulSilver 100%. Still working on White1 / Black2.

*Didn't find shinies in these two for obvious reasons.
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User Info: Hemerukio

4 years ago#12
Haven't seen a single one yet.

User Info: squdgy

4 years ago#13
I feel you TC, I've never even seen one either (aside from Red Gyarados, of course).
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User Info: Anticitizen97

4 years ago#14
squdgy posted...
I feel you TC, I've never even seen one either (aside from Red Gyarados, of course).

Forgot about him haha.
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User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#15
Ralts male ---> Gallade
Gligar----> Gliscor
Swinub ----> Mamoswine
Eevee (hatched)
Eevee (hatched)---> Glaceon
Rayquaza 1st try so I thought Rayquaza was naturally black
Teddiursa (hatched)
Trapinch----> Flygon
Eevee (hatched) ----> Umbreon

Bunch of traded shinies.

I have pretty good luck. Unfortunately due to my Diamond being wiped all I have of my shinies now is my Umbreon I put for my SS team.
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User Info: jeffdogworthy

4 years ago#16
The second Pokemon I ever caught was a shiny and it took me forever to realize it.

A shiny rattata in Silver version, my first game.

not including red gyarados, i get boring shinies

rattata in silver,
zubat in sapphire

however, in leafgreen, on my way to mewtwo i found a shiny blue ditto. used my masterball on it. lol.

He USED to be the coolest thing ever because when he'd transform into a pokemon, he'd transform into their shiny form. id use it to see what everything looked like. was a ton of fun.

However, they switched that in gen...either 4 or 5, i dont remember which one, and now he only transforms into their regular form. which is super boring.

sadface. his name was bloop but now hes useless.

EDIT: Forgot to mention my Black Haxorus from the Nature Preserve and Shiny Dratini from Alder's cousin/son/whatever his name was

User Info: SpeedDaemon

4 years ago#17
Saw a pink Wooper in Silver version way back when it first came out but didn't have any pokeballs so I had to beat it, then I didn't see another shiny for 10 years. Finally saw a shiny Onix in Union Cave in HeartGold like 2 years ago and master ball'd it. It's now a Steelix named Rocksteady and is chilling in Unova in my Black 2 file, my only shiny.
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User Info: AquaV

4 years ago#18
I caught a shiny gloom in Diamond just randomly going through the grass in an area, which I was able to catch.

I also saw a shiny Pidgey when replaying Leafgreen, although that was at the very start of the game and I didn't have any pokeballs yet, so I couldn't capture it. FML right?

User Info: jimmyzeke13

4 years ago#19
Also, my friend saw a shiny Growlithe without realizing it and ran away.
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User Info: Umuru

4 years ago#20
Robot_Soopa posted...
Swablu and Ditto.

Swablu, Tentacool (like 3 of them in different versions and I believe generations...), Sandshrew, (some more that I can't remember because they weren't that memorable for whatever reason) a Magikarp in Pearl and an Audino and a Boldore most recently.
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