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Have you ever caught a shiny?

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User Info: CervantesD

4 years ago#121
Damn that really sucks :/ Here were my finds over the years:

Crystal: Shiny Weedle, Clefairy
Emerald: Shiny Duskull
Diamond: Shiny Ponyta (My personal favorite)

I've always considered myself lucky as hell. I had a lot of friends also never find one.
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User Info: AmephEstMako

4 years ago#122
Hatched a Shiny Rotom
Caught a Shiny Phanpy
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User Info: 297543BC

4 years ago#123
I found a shiny Magneton in a recent replay of Fire Red to complete my fist pokedex. Got all 150 monsters, and was definitely surprised to find a shiny, first and only one I've seen in playing through 5 generations of Pokemon, and two generations twice (1st and 2nd originals and remakes)
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User Info: kngu

4 years ago#124
shiny krabby at the day care pond in pokemon crystal. -> killed
shiny wooper in the safari zone in pokemon fire red. -> it fled
shiny trappinch in black 2 -> caught

User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#125
Yes, only through RNG, though. Never actually caught one by luck. :(

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#126
Linoone (caught as Zigzagoon on Route 120 in Ruby en route to Secret Base; first non-Red Gyarados Shiny I ever caught)
Machamp (caught as Machop in Fiery Path in Ruby, one step away from exit; thank Arceus I forgot that my Swampert knew Dig!)
Persian (caught as Meowth on Water Path in FireRed, following failed attempt to get a Shiny Wobbuffet; had I remembered that I had something with Fly, I wouldn't have caught it)
Salamence (caught as Bagon in Meteor Falls in Ruby while trying to get a Dragon Scale to evolve my Seadra; occurred on the morning of my 14th birthday, best present I got that year; was not holding a Dragon Scale)
Linoone (caught as Zigzagoon on Route 103 while EV training a Sudowoodo in Ruby; I do not still have the Sudowoodo)
Linoone (caught as Linoone on Route 121 en route to Secret Base in Ruby; same Secret Base as I was traveling to when I got the first Shiny, but this time I was going from Lilycove, rather than Fortree)
Pelipper (caught as Wingull on Route 110 while searching for a Minun in Sapphire; occurred at 1 in the morning in a hotel room in South Dakota (I live in NJ))
Crobat (caught as Zubat in Altering Cave in Emerald, while EV training an Alakazam; I do not still have the Alakazam)
Mightyena (caught as Poochyena on Route 117 in Emerald while hatching Eggs; lost control of Mach Bike, skidded into grass; will never complain about its poor handling again)
Octillery (caught as Octillery at Pokemon League while fishing for Luvdisc in Pearl; was trying to get Heart Scales to teach my Rapidash Poison Jab and Megahorn; I do not still have that Rapidash)
Bibarel (caught as Bidoof on Route 201 in Pearl via Poke Radar; yes, I actually chained Bidoof; you got a problem with that?)
Machamp (caught as Machop on Route 207 in Pearl via Poke Radar; was EV training a Hitmonchan; the Geodude on the route were driving me insane; seriously, you try EV training something in Attack on that route, and tell me with a straight face that Geodude don't irritate you; I do not still have the Hitmonchan)
Raticate (caught as Rattata on Route 22 in FireRed; not even an hour into a new game; I'm just glad I had Poke Balls at that point)
Grumpig (caught as Spoink on Route 214 in Pearl via Poke Radar; it was the swarm of the day; I was bored)
Masquerain (caught as Surskit at Lake Verity in Pearl via Poke Radar; it was the swarm of the day; I was bored; got it on a chain of 14, as I recall)
Jumpluff x2 (caught as Hoppip on Route 205 in Pearl via Poke Radar; not sure why I went for two of them)
Arbok (caught as Ekans on Route 212 in Platinum via Poke Radar; first Shiny I ever got in Platinum)
Tropius (caught in the Great Marsh in Platinum; as you can imagine, I was freaking out at the time)
Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop (all caught as Tyrogue on Route 211 in Platinum via Poke Radar; all three from same chain; after constant failed attempts in the past, I made sure to get all three; I felt the Poke Radar friggin' OWED me)
Rhyperior (caught as Rhyhorn in Victory Road in Platinum while attempting to tweak one of my Shiny Tyrogue's EVs so it would evolve into Hitmontop; I do in fact still have the Shiny Hitmontop, but you already knew that)
Weavile (caught as Sneasel at Acuity Lakefront in Platinum via Poke Radar; literally took all day; in spite of Naive Synchronizer, has Quiet nature)

(continued in next post, due to the stupid character limit)

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#127
Caught (continued):
Cherrim (caught as Cherubi on Route 209 in Platinum from Honey tree; was checking for Munchlax just after losing a battle to my brother; this cheered me up considerably)
Floatzel x3 (all caught as Floatzel on Route 222 in Platinum via Poke Radar; was trying to chain for Electabuzz, but Floatzel kept breaking chain; decided I might as well chain for Floatzel instead; not sure why I went for three)
Donphan (caught as Phanpy on Route 207 in Platinum via Poke Radar; nearly ran out of Max Repels; was down to 3 when I finally got the Shiny)
Electivire (caught as Electabuzz on Route 222 in Platinum via Poke Radar; follow-up of earlier failed attempts to get Shiny Electabuzz which led to my trio of Shiny Floatzel)
Banette (caught as Banette on Route 226 in Platinum via Poke Radar; it was night; I was bored)
Persian (caught as Meowth on Route 5 in LeafGreen while trying to find Suicune; did eventually find Suicune, but it took a long time)
Butterfree (caught as Caterpie on Route 24 in LeafGreen while trying to find Suicune; still had not located it at this time)
Nidoking (caught as Nidoran on Route 201 in Pearl via Poke Radar; I was bored)
Lapras (caught in Union Cave by soft-resetting; only SR'd Shiny I ever got; occurred on my 20th birthday, exactly 10 years since I started playing Pokemon)
Seaking (caught as Goldeen on Route 24 in HeartGold while EV training a Steelix; I do not still have the Steelix; I never even finished EV training the Steelix)
Swellow (caught as Swellow in Giant Chasm in Black while en route to the inner forest area; was planning to swipe Comet Shards from local wild Pokemon for cash; that did not go so well)
Galvantula (caught as Joltik in Chargestone Cave while trying to acquire a Thunderstone to evolve my Eelektrik; I did eventually get a Thunderstone; I still have the Eelektross)
Vaporeon (caught as Eevee in Trophy Garden in Pearl via Poke Radar; attempted to get enough for full set of Eeveelutions; failed)
Nidoqueen (caught as Nidorina in the Safari Zone in FireRed; took only one Safari Ball, but I was plenty freaked out)
Gengar (caught as Gastly in Pokemon Tower in LeafGreen; was scared it would KO itself with Curse; very first wild encounter in the building in that file)
Darmanitan (caught as Darumaka on Route 4 in Black 2 after acquiring Shiny Charm; took weeks of hunting after getting the Shiny Charm)

Arcanine (hatched in Emerald while breeding my Arcanine from FireRed to get Growlithe in the Pokedex; took only 1 Egg; no Masuda Method; how's that for luck, huh?)
Gyarados (hatched in Platinum as first ever Masuda Method attempt; after over a week of failure, gave up; Shiny Magikarp hatched from one of the remaining Eggs)
Victreebel (hatched in Platinum via Masuda Method after multiple attempts at chaining one screwed me over; took about 15 Eggs)
Muk (hatched in HeartGold via Masuda Method; took exactly ONE Egg; I am not kidding)
Honchkrow (hatched in HeartGold via Masuda Method, albeit by accident; was attempting to breed perfect parents to breed Adamant Murkrow with Attack IV of 31 and Egg Move of Brave Bird; this came out in the process)
Braviary (hatched in Black via Masuda Method; took 9 Eggs)
Reuniclus (hatched in Black via Masuda Method; took an entire weekend of Egg hatching)
Klinklang (hatched in Black via Masuda Method; took several dozen Eggs, ate up no more than one afternoon of my time)
Zoroark (hatched in Black via Masuda Method; happened on March 31st, mere hours before April Fools' Day)

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#128
Seen but failed to catch:
Zigzagoon (encountered in Ruby on Route 118; had just finished using up all Poke Balls in fruitless attempt to catch wild Manectric; was forced to flee)
Ditto (encountered in Gold on Route 34; ran out of Poke Balls in the attempt to capture it; was forced to watch it Struggle itself to death)
Crawdaunt (encountered in Ruby in the Battle Tower; need I say more?)
Zigzagoon (encountered in Sapphire on Route 104; caught, but restarted game; forgot about the Zigzagoon until far too late)
Ekans (encountered in HeartGold in the Safari Zone; I don't think I need to say much more than that)

User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#129
Red Gyarados from GS count?
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User Info: HauntedBullets

4 years ago#130
Why do you have the spanish word for yes but the German/Deutsch word for no?

Makes no sense....

But I voted yes.
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