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Have you ever caught a shiny?

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User Info: Genesis Dragon

Genesis Dragon
4 years ago#141
I've caught quite a few.

In Ruby, Swablu, Linoone, Koffing x 2, Medicham, Lairon, and Golbat - and that's just what I remember off the top of my head. (Also had a shiny Hariyama Whirlwind me)

In Black, Purrloin, Dwebble, Vullaby, Tangrowth, and Piloswine.

In Black 2, Liepard and (just a couple days ago) Trubbish.

I've also traded and won giveaways for quite a few that I won't get into.
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User Info: Anticitizen97

4 years ago#142
You all really should teach me the art of finding shinies >.>
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User Info: kay2kid

4 years ago#143
I got a shiny in every generation excluding the first, and multiple shinies in gen 2, 3, 5
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User Info: Gamer0fD00M

4 years ago#144
wurmple and wingull

User Info: arceusrules1988

4 years ago#145
seen shiny golbat and shiny slugma. caught golbat. I went to catch slugma when I realised I had no pokeballs .ps I was collecting soot not pokemon when I saw shiny slugma.
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User Info: KeyserVance

4 years ago#146
First one was Magnemite in Emerald, second and last was Floatzel in Diamond.
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User Info: GX000

4 years ago#147
i caught every shiny i've ever seen (i haven't seen any though....)

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User Info: Gotenksgeto

4 years ago#148
Kinda funny how I caught mine. I was just riding around in Mt. Silver in SoulSilver, and then I wondered, "Will I ever find a shiny?" And my next encounter was a shiny Quagsire.
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User Info: edwardsharpe

4 years ago#149
Hatched a shiny Misdreavus in White
Caught a shiny Buneary in Black 2.

There are a few more from previous games but I forget.

User Info: ManaAlchemist

4 years ago#150
Would have caught my first shiny last night in White 2 if it wasn't for Cheren's stupid dog.
Was running around in pinwheel forest when i suddenly run into a shiny petilil, which of course gets one hit KO-d by that dumb dog.

What sucks even more is that I've been trying to get a shiny petilil (or rather shiny Lilligant) by breeding for hundred of hours in my White 1. :(
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