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Will you pick the male or female trainer?

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User Info: Mr_Snorlax1986

4 years ago#1
I don't know if I'll get this game, but if I do I'll most likely choose the female trainer.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#2
Male because I'm male.
Professional Chespin fanboy.

User Info: DarkBlueAnt

4 years ago#3
I pick male unless he's too dumb for me to stand looking at (Gen 3 and Black 2)

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#4
SlimeStack posted...
Male because I'm male.
"I'm no Jedi; I'm just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions." - Kyle Katarn

User Info: Insanititious

4 years ago#5
Female. I want to look fabulous. If she's not fabulous, I'll just pick the platypus.
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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

4 years ago#6
Female as always. I'm be playing this game alot and I would rather look at a girl's butt during the game than another guy's.
I'm here! I'm furry! I'll try not to shed! =^_^=

User Info: Kajagogo

4 years ago#7
Depends on the mood I am in and the character I wanna set up. So both...eventually.

User Info: Heliotrope

4 years ago#8
Usually female, because, well, I'm female.

But the boy looks a lot a character from an anime I like, so I'm tempted to play as him in one of my games...
I am a Yaoi fangirl! ^_^
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#9
From: CakeOfLies | Posted: 1/24/2013 7:50:54 AM | #004
SlimeStack posted...
Male because I'm male.
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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#10
Female because I usually alternate on games. Plus, she's got better style than the male. It's crazy.
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