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New Psuedo-Legendary Idea: Yes, another dragon...

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User Info: Cenedarprime

4 years ago#1
This is just a rough idea I had on the Black 2 board, fits more here though. I'm no good at making professional/balanced stats so I can leave that to others to make the hard numbers, but here is my idea for a Dragon/Fighting psuedo-legendary.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Drayin and his two evolutions: Yangon and Daogon.

Type: Dragon
Ability: Run Away
Description: Drayin is a naturally timid and frightened Pokemon, usually preferring to hide instead of fight. This rather skittish nature has given Drayin a preference to dark places where it can use shadows to hide more easily. It scavenges for carrion and berries for sustenance. In the dark caves of the world, the one things Drayin fears most is Deino and its evolutions, who are far more aggressive in hunting and battling. When it has to fight, it prefers to do so from a distance.

at level 24...

Type: Dragon/Fighting
Ability: Defiant
Description: Yangon trains itself hard to banish the timid, frightful nature of its younger self, but in a sense has over-corrected. Yangon are fine traveling in the daylight, but are hyper-aggressive and incredibly territorial. So much as a sideways glance from another Pokemon on its territory is seen as a challenge. It is the natural enemy of Zweilous and its evolutions and will fly into a rage if one is in Yangon's field of view. In battle, Yangon gets up close with vicious claw and melee attacks.

and at level 57...

Type: Dragon/Fighting
Ability: Adaptability
Description: Upon reaching its final stage, Daogon has finally discovered balance within itself. It knows that being peaceful is preferable, but will fight if it sees injustice or has a need to protect itself. It is the natural enemy of Hydreigon, as the dark dragon represents chaos, brutality and disorder, everything Daogon fights against. It is incredibly flexible in combat, able to strike hard in both melee and distanced special moves.

I know people believe the whole Yin/Yang concept was used by Zekrom and Reshiram, but once I had the idea I couldn't get it out of my head.

So what do you guys think? Feel free to be honest, I'm no expert at making new Pokemon ideas lol
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User Info: kuwab0

4 years ago#2
Op much?

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#3

*remembers Crawdaunt*

Me likey.
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#4
I'd rather have a Flying/Fighting Griffin and/or a Steel/Ghost Knight.
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User Info: kingjam1

4 years ago#5
Yes a Dragon/ Fighting type. Unresisted except for Shedinja. Game Freak will probably troll by giving it Superpower instead of Close Combat or terrible physical attack.
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User Info: ZarthimusPrime

4 years ago#6
I want a Smilodon/Tiger for a Pseudo-Legend personally.
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User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#7
Level 48 please. That was a good thing about garchomp.
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User Info: Cpt_Calamity

4 years ago#8
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Ability: Adaptability

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User Info: kingjam1

4 years ago#9
Cpt_Calamity posted...
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Ability: Adaptability


Unless Game Freak decide to give it a terrible movepool.
Can't think of anything

User Info: ConnorTheOtter

4 years ago#10
Even though I don't like them, I like the thought you put into it.
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