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I don't get the outfits...

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User Info: BlazzingStar

4 years ago#21
Robot_Soopa posted...
Most cheerleaders wear spanky pants.

Don't know what the politically correct terminology is as I'm assuming anything revolving spanking probably isn't appropriate in regards to 10 year olds but they're like really tight short shorts soley for the purpose OF covering the underwear.

Yeah, spankies. I have no idea why I said bootys.

I am homeschooled, for all thats worth. (if it is any redeeming factor.)

User Info: Tenzhi

4 years ago#22
Can't say I've seen those very often at the school level - particularly at the aforementioned competitions, though I know I've seen them at professional sporting events.
Often, when you try too hard to act superior, the opposite occurs.

User Info: RedArchangel20

4 years ago#23
GTRagnarok posted...
From: BlazzingStar | #006
10 year old girls running around in short skirts and tight shirts


account suicide.
Most beautiful woman in the world:
Kiss the rings.
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