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What are some pokemon you really like but...

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User Info: Twinmold

4 years ago#61
Pretty much all of them. Power creep has ensured that more than half the Pokemon in the games aren't useful, even in single player. :/

User Info: pmackinnon

4 years ago#62
Nitharad posted...
Kabutops - cool fossil pokemon with pretty bad stats movepool and typing imo

Kabutops is great. It's one of the best Pokémon to counter rain teams, since it takes the foe's Drizzle and uses it itself. It has an excellent offensive typing, and has a good movepool to counter stuff that does resist it (pretty sure it's just Empoleon and Ferrothorn)

Kingandqueens posted...
Steelix: Favorite Pokemon due to looking freaking EPIC! Too bad a Shuckle can have more defense than Steelix T_T.

wat Steelix takes (neutral) physical hits way better then Shuckle.

252Atk Choice Band Overgrow Sceptile (+Atk) Leaf Blade vs 252HP/252Def Leftovers Sturdy Shuckle (+Def): 28% - 34% (70 - 84 HP). Guaranteed 4HKO.

252Atk Choice Band Overgrow Sceptile (+Atk) Leaf Blade vs 252HP/252Def Leftovers Sturdy Steelix (+Def): 22% - 26% (78 - 93 HP). Guaranteed 5HKO.

It can also fight back with Gyro Ball. Shuckle can't really do crap on serious team.

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User Info: Platinum_Luigi

4 years ago#63

Come to mind.

User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#64
Castform, Xatu and Farfetch'd... I love their designs but they're all ridiculously outclassed.
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#65
Butterfree. 'Nuff said.
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User Info: Svenshinhan

4 years ago#66
Buoysel/Buizel. (I prefer its Japanese name since - ironically - it makes more sense in English than the actual English name)

There's a few cases where I like pre-evolutions MUCH more than the Pokémon they evolve into. Buoysel is one of them and Grovyle is the other. I just do not like what their evolutions look like.
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
4 years ago#67
Castform - I love the concept, but its stats are just too balanced for what it is. Just make it faster and more Sp. Attack, and it'd be a pretty good Pokemon.

Kecleon - If it only were a bit more powerful... the ability isn't that great, but it's a fun ability. Also, I would like to seen Kec actually change colour when the ability activates. I want my Purple Kecleon already!

Base Form Rotom - Generally inferior to its alternate forms (except perhaps Fan Rotom), I like the Electric/Ghost typing a lot, especially with the addition of Levitate. I do like the other Rotom forms as well, though (again, with the exception of Fan Rotom).

Dunsparce: I've always liked good ol' Dunsparce, for whatever reason. Shame it isn't that strong aside from some paraflinching fun.
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User Info: DemonSlayer92

4 years ago#68
Ninetails and Mawile...

...part of my dream team.
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User Info: DaRk MaGe2004

DaRk MaGe2004
4 years ago#69
I definitely pick my favorites based on design and NOT stats. It makes me a crap competitive battler but I always had an old school collector's philosophy when it comes to Pokemon anyway. "Gotta catch'em all" man....not Gotta breed um all into relentless machines of death and destruction.

And on that note....

Tropius, Mantine, Kricketune, Delibird, Kecleon, Torkoal, Lickylicky, Flygon.

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User Info: XxMahnaMahnaxX

4 years ago#70
Sephirotht posted...
Glaceon comes to mind. It's not so bad, but I believe only Flareon is considerded worse.
And Ninetales sadly. The only reason she's used so much now is because of Drought. Before that, nobody would've considered seriously using her.

I had a ninetales on my team before it was cool! (gen 4)
Why don't we show them the entire process including our breakdown.
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