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What if they made a system where EV's effect IV's?

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  3. What if they made a system where EV's effect IV's?

User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#1
So like say for ever hundred or so EV's in one area the IV goes up one point.

Combine it with EV reducing berries to take away IV's and it would make IV's completely customizable with the natural IV's only serving to give you a head start.

Just a thought. I know it has flaws and would need to be limited in a lot of ways but I'm just brainstormin' here.

User Info: Shortietheshort

4 years ago#2
? This is exactly the same as how the system works by itself. Both numbers sum to make the stat so it does matter "which one" it adds to. Number of EVs increases stats by one point, add to IV and base stat to get total. You're suggesting, number of EV increases stats by one point and on a certain number increase a stat by 2 points instead of one. Add to IV and base to get total.

No difference.
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User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#3
No what I'm saying is that the EV system can remain in place somehow but also make it possible to influence your IV's somehow.

So you still have the 510 EVs.

But whether it's EVs or another new hidden stat, your IVs would be able to increase too.

I don't know what you thought I was saying but in no way would it be the same. It's the difference between taking an unusable Pokemon with a 0 in Speed and being able to train him up to a 31 in Speed. Then adding the 255 EVs on top of that.

User Info: Arcvalons

4 years ago#4
Somebody said that the more you battle with a Pokemon, the more its IVs would increase, so when you are with the Elite 4 with a PKMN you have used since the start it would have good IVs
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  3. What if they made a system where EV's effect IV's?

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