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Pokemon visit Game Freak's office

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User Info: The_Fury_Wraith

4 years ago#1
Not sure if anyone remembers but some time ago there was this hilarious topic about Pokemon visiting Game Freak asking for evolutions, moves, etc. but get DENIED or not quite what they want. Went something like this:


*Flareon comes in*

Flareon: Hi, can I have Flare Blitz?

GF: DENIED! You already have Fire Blast! Go have fun with that!


*Drowzee comes in*

Drowzee: Why don't I still have Dream Eater learned naturally? Can I have it now?

GF: DENIED! Why would you need Dream Eater that way anyway?

Drowzee: Because I'm a Pokemon that eats dreams! It even says so in my pokedex entry!

GF: Yes, which is exactly why we changed your pokedex entry saying you like fun dreams and not that you eat them! NOW GET OUT!


*Right before Gen 5*

??? Type: So... I heard you gave my function of handling Egg's type over to Normal...?

GF: Yeah, thought you had your hands full with Curse so I gave it to a type that needed some more attention. What's your beef, anyway?

??? Type: Well, uh... I've been working here as a type for quite some time now and all I have is the move Curse. I was wondering if I could have a promotion. Maybe have some Pokemon of my type?

GF: Well, I've been taking a look at your work progress and it seems you've been slowing a lot of our co-workers down. See, there are some rumors of you having some deals with hackers that alter Pokemon and moves to your type that cause the game to crash.

??? Type: Then maybe it's time I get a full upgrade so those things won't happen?


??? Type: But I seriously have about nothing else! What else am I good for these days?

GF: Good point. And with that, you're FIRED! We'll just give Curse to Ghost.


So, would love to see what stuff like these you all can post.
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User Info: kwando1313

4 years ago#2
+1, 10/10, would read again.
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User Info: Throwback2780

4 years ago#3
Infernape:Can there be no more Fire-Fighting starters?

GF:DENIED! Fire & Fighting will always be with starters!
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User Info: Hello10000

4 years ago#4
[This signature was deleted at the request of Kingler]
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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#5
Flygon: Hi how come I don't have Dragon Dance yet?

GF: Because I don't like your FACE. GET OUT!
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User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#6
*Pikachu comes in*

Pikachu: Hi, can I have my evolutionary line's base stats increased?


Pikachu: But I'm the freaking mascot for this! I'm the main Pokemon in the anime. Surely I deserve gameplay viability for my millions of fans.

GF: Keep it up, and we'll make Pachirisu the new mascot...
Bazinga! *dives into ballpit*
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User Info: GuardianDreamer

4 years ago#7
This is rather funny so far. I enjoy reading these.

User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#8
*Farfetch'd walks in*

Farfetch'd: Can I have an evolution please?


Farfetch'd: Why?! You gave Scyther, Magmar, Electabuzz, AND Magneton one! Hell, you gave Magnemite a new type! Why can't you just give me one little evolution?!

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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#9
Durant: I'd like to learn Earthquake, please.

GF: Earthquake, hmm? Alright, nice, nice... DENIED.

Durant: What?! Why?!

GF: You're a friggin' insect, that's why.

Durant: That makes no sense. You gave it to Pineco- if a friggin' pine cone can shake the earth, then why not an overgrown steel ant?

GF: Because your face. Now get out.

Flareon: We'd like better movepools.

Heatmor: Yeah, what he said.

GF: Heatmor, what are you complaining about? We gave you Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, and, in a move I will never understand, Giga Drain. What more could you want?

Heatmor: How about a little something called Flame Charge? I'm the only Fire-type that doesn't get that move, and with my Speed, I really need it!

GF: Oh, is that so? Interesting. Denied, but interesting.

Heatmor: Oh, come on! You gave it to Litwick! What makes a possessed candle better at covering itself in fire and tackling its opponent than the likes of me?

GF: I don't hear the possessed candle b****ing.

Heatmor: Well, duh. Chandelure is one of the most powerful Fire-types in all of creation! Of course it's not b****ing!

GF: Well, you are. And we don't like it.

Flareon: And what about me?

GF: What about you?

Flareon: If not Flare Blitz, then at least give me Blaze Kick! Come on, you make Attack my best stat, and then you restrict me to crap like Fire Fang? What gives?

GF: Your face. Now get out.

Delibird: I'm requesting a new Hidden Ability.

GF: Denied.

Delibird: What? But I didn't even tell you what I had in mind for a replacement!

GF: Doesn't matter. You're just the way we intended.

Delibird: You intended me to be sucky? You do realize that Vital Spirit and Insomnia are for all intensive purposes the exact same thing?

GF: Yep.

Delibird: But why?

GF: Because your face. Now get out.

Luvdisc: *inhales*

GF: No.

Luvdisc: But-

GF: No.

Luvdisc: But I-

GF: You are not getting an evolution. We have been over this before. No. Not happening. Because your face. Now get out.
Shedinja: I'd like an alteration to my Ability.

GF: Oh, here we go...

Shedinja: Just hear me out. I'd like the effects of Magic Guard tacked onto Wonder Guard, so it truly does what it says on the tin- protects me from all but super-effective damage. C'mon, you have to admit, something's wrong when some of your guaranteed counters include Snover and Hippopotas, right?

GF: You make a pretty compelling case... Denied.

Shedinja: What?! Oh, that does it! *turns around* Kiss your souls good-bye, b****es!

GF: ...*yawn*

Shedinja: ...are you kidding me? Why didn't that work?

GF: We deny everything presented to us, do you honestly think we have souls anymore?

Shedinja: Just tell me why you won't approve my idea.

GF: Because your face. Now get out.

User Info: The_Fury_Wraith

4 years ago#10
Pachirisu: Can we walk out of our pokeball like in Amity Square again?

GF: DENIED! Everyone may ONLY come out of their pokeball for a blood thirsty battle from now on again!


*Unown comes in*

GF: Whatever it is you want, you're not getting it. Ever.

Unown: Can you at least do... SOMETHING new with us?!

GF: Sure, I'll be sure you'll get a very special way for trainers to obtain you in Gen 5. *devilish laughter*
''A murderer kills how many? A war kills how many? A hero kills how many?'' ~ Eggan from Little King's Story.
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