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CYOA The world gets turned into Poke''mon Part 3

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#1
This is the continuation of the previous thread; , which was a continuation of this other thread; , in which each users that registered in participates with each other in progressing the overall story.
The three main rules from that present for this thread are:

* Each new participating user can start off with a small summery on how they become a pokemon.
* Each post should end in a way that can easily be picked up by other users.
* After a poster is done with their part of the story, anyone participating can pick it up at any time.

The overall plot takes place after the main characters of the late(username, not person in real life) Jabba's CYOA corrupt the world's water supply, which eventually turns nearly all of the human population of the world into Pokemon.

The currently participating characters are:

Cave group:

Astral, as the mischievous Fan-Rotom. Now possessing the body of mecha-giratina.

Silent Dewford local, the salamence, called Twocant.
Landoros, Thundurus, and Tornadus.
Kyurem, Zekrom, Rashiram.
Willingmess, the Scizor with the Neo-Metal Armor
Sarah the.. the shnap is she anyways?--Oh, she's still a combination of six legendaries.

The egg, product of both Willingmess and Sarah.

Sandstone Tower Group:

Tracker Grunts:

Tony, the pokemon translator.
Hall, the medic.
Pixy, the good shot.
Johnson, the Tyrannitar with the Upgrade Drive.

Bertha crew:

Lucy Lu, the pilot, whom currently is trying to save her crew, as they fall lifelessly through the air.
Recover crafts 1 and A.

----Sub Group:

Palkia, waiting for the Lady in white.
Changlini, Palkia's hostage.
Uka, the Lady in white. Who's denial is far great.

Mountain group;

Gubbey, The Beheeyem
Bane the Typhlosion.
Pendragon, the Kabutops.
Jabba the Fenniken.
Aaron the Turtwig(Who crash landed on Jabba, again)
Event the Absol.
Keldeo, the Chack.

Currently on the antagonist side

Jigglypuff, Genesect's maker.
Polimario, the bounty hunter Genesect. Who lost his memories.
0ne the Weavile

Doing their own thing:

Throwback the human Father,
King-Kaizo the son Voltorb(?).

Black Ooze.


TableFlip's group

TableFlip the Ninetails.
Bri the Dragonair.
Josh the Suicune.
Hannah the Tropius.
TableFlip's brother, a Rashiram.
Micheal/Mike the Hydreigon.
A Rashiram scientist.

Um.. ????

Porygons, ruled by a digital Cresselia,

So... now for a summary of the last thread(|:~u).

Sarah, Bri, and TableFlip continued to walk through the forest, they get acquainted with themselves. Sarah tells them of how she became a Poke'mon with Willingmess, how she then freaked out as a Palkia and used a portal to run away. Back in Carly's house, Rashiram(the brother of tableFlip) is worried about them.

Meanwhile, Changlini wakes up back inside a Mistralton Green House after a dream of both land and sea being drained, and a tower! The maractus then proceeds through the airport, finding a lost and found building. And Proceeding to take a Dubious looking disk he found there with him. All the while Aaron and Jabba have a little adventure with a Piplup, they soon part with it though, and proceed back to their friends.

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#2
Back to Sarah, she shouts for Willingmess. Only for the brother of TableFlip and Carly to come after them for a check up. They all then get cought up it the happenings between them. But, an Impure Articuno comes in and captures them! And scientists drag all of them to somewhere in a truck!

As they do that, Pendragon, who is possessing Gubbey, arrives at the location of the Kabutops body. Gubbey is then forced to dig, ever slowly.

Back to Aaron and Jabba, they meet up with the rest of their group, as they start to search for Changlini.

But all in the while, TableFlip's group arrived at a lab, where the scientist tells them that they know that they're really just humans turned into Poke'mon! The scientist then starts changing bri into a shiny charizard, using Carly's blood! Then turns TableFlip into Rashiram with his brother's blood! The scientist goes nuts with the possibilities! All but Carly and rashiram escape, leaving both in a situation where the scientist changes their genders!

Meanwhile, Gubbey lies about being able to use Physic, giving false hope for Pendragon, as he digs his way down to the ghost's fossilized body!

TableFlip,Bri,and Serah look for tainted water! As they came back to save the brother and Carly, they see that they're a Dragonair and Ninetails respectively(Bleep, just got the foreshadowing)! TableFlip then battles the scientist turned rashiram, they then escape the lab! As they returned to Carly's house, they're back to normal thanks to the corrupted water, they then have fried poke'mon dinner.

Meanwhile Twocant the Salamence separates from Jabba's group, returning from the airport with the Maractus on his back. Suddenly, Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltress begin to battle each other!

While Willingmess is still having Black Jyurem guard the orbs. But then the true Rashiram comes in, to save its counterpart from the mind control! They then set off with the orbs to find Jabba's group!

Back in the secret lab, Throwback's Mecha-Dialga is approaching full operating status again! He then has Vincent Van Smeargle join in on his schemes to take the skies!

As Jabba's group proceeds up the mountain, Chack the Keldeo and Bane the Typhlosion race each other to catch up to the Fenniken.

But in the cave that the Beheeyem is forced dig, MetaFalconPunch the Jolteon finds Gubbey, and after an introduction, approaches him to check on what the Beheeyem is doing..

In Casy's house, Darkrai comes in again. This time, giving the group good dreams, due to the absence of Mike/Micheal. Bri and TableFlip grow closer together in the night. But somewhere over a place, Willingmess rests for the night around a Poke'mon training field.
The Training field is none other then Casy's house! As Serah the Palkia finally meets her loved one, they go off into the forest, where the Scizor proposes to her, they get married the next day.

Meanwhile, Jabba's group meet up in front of a slumbering Articuno! Planning an attack, but then Bane blazes through them and rams the Articuno, declaring that he won the race. As Chack and friends look astonished, seeing the Articuno retaliate, the battle begins. Aaron the Turtwig then goes into the fray.

Back in the forest stroll of both TableFlip and Bri, TableFlip is about to show his true feelings for the dragonair. But Micheal the Hydreigon comes in, interrupting the two, urging them to hop on as they go to the mispronounced city of Mistralion(Mistralton... or whatever).

Meanwhile, after the Jolteon has a conversation with the Beheeyem, they join forces and dig deeper, deeper into the ever boiling will of finding Pendragon, to find the Kabutops.


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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#3
But back at the battle with the Ice bird, Changlini devises a plan, requiring Genesect to distract the Articuno. As he does, Jabba unleashes a critical hit! The group then starts to approach the bird to question it, only for Articuno to then get back up and charge a sky attack. Black Kyurem comes in and rams into it with a fusion bolt, KO'ing it. But as the bird crashes down to the ground, it lands on Aaron, revealing to him a white stone.

On Micheal's destination, a Yvetal comes in and whisks Bri away just after they both confess their feelings for each other on a tower.. Both Micheal and TableFlip give chase.

Back at the Articuno, the White stone is safely in a bag, but then the group is approached by paint poke'mon! They battle them, easily splattering each gooey being. King Kaizo sees one of the paint beings holding a soul dew, hearing voices that want to get out of it. He retrieves the dew.

Yvetal, being chased, is shout down by Micheal. But then Rashiram comes in and saves Bri, giving her back to the Ninetails. To then notice that they both seem to have grown in love together.

---A Farfetch'd joins the story!----
---Pure and Impure Poke'mon are warring!---

0ne the sneasel got into Icurris city, seeing no one. He calls his contact, the Keckleon, to get a tm, but he's then informed of the paint poke'mon. So, to get the TM 12 he needs, 0ne has to beat the paintings. One of a Genesect then flies by, the sneasel gives chase.

------Daentyn joins the story, as a Riolu!-------
------Bri, TableFlip, and Friends go back to Carly's house!-----
------Willingmess at some point, joins Jabba's group in the fight against paint!----
------Vowing to take revenge on Jigglypuff!---

Gubbey, MetaFalconPunch, and Pendragon reach the Kabutops fossil! An overexcited Pendragon phases into his body, revealing that it's only bones! Angry, Pendragon and the group set off towards Icurris city!

As TableFlip's group goes back to the house of Carly, they see Jabba's group battling he minions of an artist! They help, and re-introduce themselves.

-----Emerald_Flash's character, Daentyn, joins the Farfetch'd at night, in a city!------
-----The mark then speaks to the unconscious Turtwig, revealing a plan.-----
-----After that, Aaron sees Jabba's, Willingmess', and TableFlip's groups----
-----talking with each other-----

While there, Genesect gets angry at the trance Willingmess has on the pure legends, and quickly nabs the trainer badges, melting them with Flamethrower, but it doesn't work. Willingmess still has reign over Kyurem, Rashiram, and the other pure poke'mon. Flustered by the naivety of everyone, he tore apart a photo and flew to Iccirus City.

[Photo was used as leverage by Scizor to Genesect for the pendents, didn't work?]

As the group wonders what's the problem with Genesect, the group continues to fight. As the enemy forces lessens, Aaron gets up, glitches a few times, and bids adieu to the group, teleporting out, but not before he gives a revive to Changlini(Who also has the white stone).

0ne finishes off the Genesect paint thing, then sees Polimario, and then begins to shoot him down for another battle.

After the battle for the day is done, TableFlip's group breaks off from Jabba's, to go back to Carly's house. But during the night, Changlini has a dream, he's in a library room, watching one of his own recordings along with a figure. It's about the tower, the Jewels of Hoenn are inserted with the Orbs of creation, the events from the last dream repeats, and a roar is heard. Astral also hear's the same roar in his dream.

The Group wakes up, and go into Icurris city to end the source of the paint.

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User Info: Throwback2780

4 years ago#4
I actually turned back into a Human during Part 2. probably the only one who might stay Human...
"BUT I'M NOT ON NO ONE'S SIG."-DynasticAnthony
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#5
----Willingmess leaves the group with his spouse, Sarah the Palkia, to confront Jigglypuff-----

Gubbey's group arrive at the city, only for them to get caught in the battle between Polimario and 0ne. 0ne grabs gubbey, forcing the Genesect to hand over the sharp claw, that evolves the sneasel into a weavile! Just before 0ne kills off gubbey, Genesect takes action, swiftly being critically wounded by 0ne.

In an act of desperate friendship(Or could be flashbacks of his time as a child, given the recent quotes from his past), Gubbey heals Genesect, reviving the robot bug back from the brink! The group heads back to the Poke'mon center, where Pendragon's body is revived into a fleshy Kabutops, they join Genesect on his mission to Route Eighteen.

----King Kaizo goest to sky Pillar, comes back and breaks the soul dew, releasing a pure Latios and Latias----

Jabba's enlarged group, head to Icurris on the backs of the flyers. Kyurem led, picking up speed as they approached the source, a Smeargle, painting in a snowy field as the ongoing storm turns into a blizzard.

Aaron, after facing off with Zapdos, hurries back to Icurris city, while Gigglypuff awakens Gaiadon. Willingmess and Sarah fight the mother of the weather trio, only seeing it overpower them. In an act of love, Willingmess forces his wife to run, leaving him to be captured by Jigglypuff. And turned into his personal slave thing.

---Throwback unleashes his Armada!---

The smeargle, on the request of Changlini, draws the figure, that steps out to question Changlini about the disks. But before the fake female could finish her sentence, the artist turns her into a bloby mesh of the rigi trio, commencing the battle.

After it, the group subdues the smeargle, only for Moltress and Articuno to break in and fight everyone. Aaon comes just in times as Chack and friends are fighting both birds. He sacrifices himself to take down both birds in one blow. Leaving for Changlini to remember the revive seed the turtwig gave him. Revived, the turtwig is transported back to the digital purgatory.

Meanwhile, the smeargle bumps into 0ne in a hurry, before the weavile gives the final blow to the throat, Event comes in to convince 0ne to release the smeagle. She then takes back the artist to the group.

The airship armada comes into picture, Changlini flashbacks to the time he was in a botched retrieval mission! In the middle of all of it, as Jabba's group flies in the air, King Kaizo and his legendary friends(Latios, Latias, Ho-ho) break off from the group, to finally confront Throwback!

A mecha Giratina is unleashed! Genesect goes into the lab, that was guarded by Landorus! Gubbey, MetaFalconPunch, and Pendragon wait outside on orders of Landorus!
Genesect sees a live feed!
He then gets a pink disk!
Jigglypuff has the orbs!
Gubbey stumbles into the lab!

-----Scizor is changed by Jigglypuff, and comes to route 18.
-----Bri and tableFlip wake up to find that they have an egg.
-----They go with Sarah(Who arrived on the house in that day) to somewhere
-----They come back to Carly's house, discovering that the egg hatched an eevee
-----The named it Eve and proceed to search for the rigis, accidentally awakening the spirit of the rigi trio, which takes control over Sarah and turns her into a Giant Monster!
-----Willingmess breaks into her mind, saving her soul, giving back control to her body!

[Meahwhile, The Farfetch'd and Riolu leaves a Sinnoh city, while a Bisharp builds an army alond side a Zorua. Bisharp's army persuades Eve to join.

As Genesect exits the lab, he forces everyone else to run away, as he then faced the body of Willingmess, he loses. His memory, his friends, all gone, only having the orders to go to his master. Gubbey has the pink disk.

Don't post.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#6
Gubbey's group joins with the rest of the Therian trio! They approach the airships!

Meanwhile in the battle against Robo-Giratina, Changlini orders the group to follow it through Shadow Force, all of them landing in the distortion world. Changlini then orders Astral to possess the body of Mecha-Giratina.

After that battle, Changlini, angry at the obstacles presented to him just before he got an answer he was looking for, forces the Captive smeargle to draw the figure again. Resulting in the fake woman saying:

His Dubious disk, the Apology, ends the 'Event'.
His white disk, is waiting to be seen by both of them in a room, inside the Library of Records.
The three stones of the birds releases a beast!
Pink disk + DST upgrade drive = one step closer to the 'Event'!

After that, the Smeargle escapes while the group rests, and discuss a battle plan! They chase him to a portal leading to Mt. Silver!

Before he gives the disk to the activation of Quatrona, the furious changlini shoots him with Pin missiles! As the sequence is completing, the brown maractus grabs the dubious disk, kicking the smeargle into the reaction, creating Quatrona, the mother of the birds!

They then give pursuit.

But in the Airship battle, the therian trio destroys most of the fleet, followed by Scizor(Who got his will back, and took a metal bath) obliterating the remaining non-important ships!

King Kaizo faces off with his father, Throwback!

---Bisharp's army goes to a town near a volcano, preparing to take it over---
---Eve leaves the army, joins back with TableFlip and Bri, they turn Eve into a teenage human----
---The now human Eve, blasts off with the jetpack---
---TableFlip and Bri go back to the lab, drinking potions(Really, wanted to be there)---
---Something happens, they chase the Rashiram Scientist!---

Jabba's group, Gubbey's group, and Sarah arrive at the desert!
At night, Changlini reveals to Astral of what happened on the last Expedition!
Revealing the figure to be Uka!

----Metroids invade the world----
----Aaron goes on an adventure in other universes----
----At some point, returns and rams into Jabba-----

Genesect is with Jigglypuff inside a shed!
0ne confronts both of them inside the lab, under the shed!

The Lady in White is revealed to be on an Island, commanding her crew!
Sarah wakes up with Willingmess to find out that they created an Egg!

After questioning why they're in the desert, Gubbey and friends go off into the mountains, finding corpses that remind him of his past!

Palkia takes Changlini for Questioning!
Changlini sees Konrad, and scientists experimenting on a metroid, as he is taken between dimensions!

The Uka, is revealed to be the lady in white, who sends her last DST team to the tower in the desert!
After coming back, Palkia forces changlini to watch as it takes down a plane called Birtha!
Before finishing off the pilot(Lucy Lu) and her crew, Palkia is interrupted by an impure Tyranitar, who's part of the DST at the tower, and holding the Upgrade Drive!

Uka is challenged by Palkia, who's holding Changlini as a hostage!

[Rashiram Scientist is defeated in the forest]

Where is Genesect!?!
(Sarah fused with Quatrona btw)
Gubbey's memories!
What will Throwback do!?!
Who is the third beast!?!
Will the lady in white, disk and camera in hand, face the legend of space?!
The orbs!!!
The army!?

All that and more, next time on...


You can post now.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#7
You forgot about Angel the suicune being in my group and Reshiram scientist was defeated in the forest and not in my group.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#8
lol..... we did ALOT in the last thread.....
Warning! the preceding post may cause severe laughter. viewer discretion is advised

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#9
TableFlip posted...
You forgot about Angel the suicune being in my group and Reshiram scientist was defeated in the forest and not in my group.

K, gonna have to put that in the last post I did, I literally have almost no space to work with.

As in, I had to edit out my sigs each time I posted, due to the post going negative when it got posted..

By the way, I found my groove in the third or so post, the one where I started actually writing in full paragraphs from memory. Was much faster and saner than actually going through the entire thread.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#10
Who got the spec ops reference?

(500'th post representing)
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