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What did yall use your masterball on in gen 1

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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#31
I multiplied my master ball using the cinnabar glitch, and then used my master ball on every pokemon.

User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#32
I didn't even get the masterball because my Red version bugged out on me shortly after Lavender Town.

User Info: MES_Seele

4 years ago#33
Mewtwo. I used down+B in the meantime. I wonder how that "trick" spread so far, considering the lack of internet then.
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User Info: power_hold37

4 years ago#34
First play through, Growlithe. Was so mad at myself i restarted my game.
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User Info: supernightmaren

4 years ago#35
an onyx in victory road. i threw like 30 ultra balls at him before i finally lost it and used my master ball
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User Info: Whats_Up4444

4 years ago#36
One of the Birds.
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User Info: 91sportsfan

4 years ago#37
Thanks to the infinite items cheat, whatever I wanted to use it on. However, I think that one my first play through, my neighbor convinced me that the only way to catch Mewtwo was with a Master Ball.
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User Info: Karnage4208238

4 years ago#38
the first time i used my master ball was in 2nd gen on entei on my first runs on 1st gen i never even knew i had it

User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#39
Articuno. Was the only pokemon I had that was battle worthy other than my level 80 Venusaur. Elite 4 was pretty hard iirc.
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User Info: Pringlesman

4 years ago#40
Haunter then articuno then Mewtwo then everything.
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