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What did yall use your masterball on in gen 1

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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#51
Used it on Mewtwo every time.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#52
mewtwo or one of the birds ;p I know not the most original but hey they were the only real candidates.
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User Info: Asuract

4 years ago#53
Missing No glitch for max on forth run when i found out abut it, the first time I used it on a Gym leaders Pokemon. the second time on Zapados, and third on Mewtwo.

Honestly I have not completed a Pokemon game since Gold/Silver/Crystal Era. I messed around with Ruby, but honestly the game started to get dumb with all the new Pokemon. it was way to much keep track of, even more so with stupid names and uninspired Pokemon. The staple Pokeon will forever be remembered in fact i believe I recall all of the pokemon from Blue/Red/yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal and some from Emerald. Everything else is a fuzz.
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User Info: FafnirII

4 years ago#54

User Info: Erdrick001

4 years ago#55

I had no idea it was a legendary pokemon at the time too. All I knew was this bird was kicking my ass and I hadn't saved in long time. The choice was either lose all my progress or use the Master Ball.

User Info: Kar31189

4 years ago#56
mewtwo or zapdos when it decided to be a pain in the butt

User Info: RX02Banshee

4 years ago#57
Everything, because Missingno FTW.

Also glicthed myself a Mew while I was at it lol.
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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#58
MES_Seele posted...
Mewtwo. I used down+B in the meantime. I wonder how that "trick" spread so far, considering the lack of internet then.

Me and everyone i knew was told hold A when it is about to go in the ball back when R/B was out. Thank god for the internet to check what is legit nowerdays :P

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#59
zshippozx posted...
arceusrules1988 posted...
Missingno glitch = Infinate Masterballs.
LV >100 snorlax(now that was a uber at LV255)Its hp Showed half full but when it dropped to 0 it would shoot all the way back up from one side of the screen to the other. Side effect of glitch eventually deleted save file. I miss my snorlax :-(

i remember the missingno glitch messed up my blue version with some weird glitchyness. i had a golduck that ended up getting glitched into a blue charizard but still made the sound of a golduck and had a glitch move called tm09 and what it basically was, was ember that killed the enemy and your pokemon o.o. was the weirdest glitch ive ever experience in pookemonz.

TM09? That has the animation of Fire Punch, but the effect of Explosion. In my fanfic, one of the main characters owns a .4 that knows that move. I myself favor TM28, one of the moves .4 starts with. It's fairly powerful and not as inaccurate as most other glitch moves. Oh, and h Poke's signature move, HM02. It's a powerful move... with no animation... that drains the target's health... and is only learnable by a Ghost-type Glitch Pokemon. Think about that and tell me that's not eerie.

User Info: Nomorice4U

4 years ago#60
It was either dugtrio or articuno or snorlax. it was too long ago
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