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What did yall use your masterball on in gen 1

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User Info: Norken

4 years ago#61
sinfulGrimoire posted...
Am I really the only one that used it to catch Mew? o.O

Used a thunder wave, Leech seed, and a pokeball to catch mew. Used master ball for Mewtwo.
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User Info: PirateKing290

4 years ago#62
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User Info: Psychofang12001

4 years ago#63
The very very first time just to test it was a dodrio just because it sounded cool to me at the time mind u I didn't save it lol
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User Info: Dark7Knights1

4 years ago#64
Never used it...
Makes sense to me...

User Info: Wyncorp

4 years ago#65
Never got to use it.
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User Info: Dredj

4 years ago#66
Another Mewtwo here.

User Info: LaManoNeraII

4 years ago#67
Used it on Zapdos.

Mewtwo I had to super ball with Down + B for a week.
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User Info: DutchAngel9

4 years ago#68
Was there any other choice?
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User Info: Milennin

4 years ago#69
I don't even remember anymore. I think it was Articuno.
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User Info: MidniteZorua

4 years ago#70
It's been a long time since. I do remember that never even encountered/found Mewtwo, so it was probably one of the birds.
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