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How often have you misused your Masterball?

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User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#21
SuperShadowAce posted...
I avoided all news on Diamond and as such, I thought Dialga had a catch rate of 3 rather then 45 so I used it then.

Actually its 30, Zekrom and Reshiram have 45 as they're required.

User Info: grovyle48

4 years ago#22
GiftedACIII posted...
Yes, best time for master balls are for shinies who run or have self-destruct. Legendaries are really easy to catch if you just have the patience.

This. I always save my master ball for something like this.
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User Info: Zarren364

4 years ago#23
I've stopped using them.
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User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#24
I've never actually used a Master Ball in game.
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User Info: Enderbanechick

4 years ago#25
Anticitizen97 posted...
It's happened to me once, back in Sapphire. I didn't even notice it happened til long, long after I did it. I went to catch Kyogre and noticed it was gone, so after raging like a Motherf***er I managed to catch it with ultra balls. Later I went through my pc to see if I accidently used it...

I used it on a Trapinch >.>

I misused it in every game except platinum. I always used it on pokemon like Lugia,Ho-oh you know, story line legends. In platinum i used it on Mesprit because i didn't feel like chasing it, because on HG/SS I had a hard time with Entei and Raikou. I caught Giratina with a Great Ball after I ran out of Ultra Balls
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User Info: zurcn

4 years ago#26
stopped using masterballs after Red.

nowdays it's all about catching legends in premier balls
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User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#27
zurcn posted...
stopped using masterballs after Red.

nowdays it's all about catching legends in premier balls

Lol this. you get around 8% chance of catching it with a simple Poke or premier ball if its at 1 health and asleep so because I'm awesome and a perfectionist I chance that and catch them with a Premier ball. Its so awesome to use in local battles too

User Info: PChaosWM

4 years ago#28
I've been extremely careful with my Masterballs. I try and save them for shiny Pokemon because to me they're more valuable than Legendary Pokemon.

The only time I've ever misused my Masterball was on a regular Pokemon (can't remember which one)... but luckily it happened not long after I had saved my game so I just reset my game.
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