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ITT: We list our top 3 favorite pokes.

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User Info: Skolodowska

4 years ago#11

User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#12
1. Scizor
2. Metagross
3. Hyreigon
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User Info: faruway

4 years ago#13
1. Samurott
2. Ludicolo
3. Rhyperior
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
4 years ago#14
1) Dragonite
2) Feraligatr
3) Lucario or Magnezone
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#15
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User Info: ZERO2936

4 years ago#16
1. Jolteon
2. Roserade
3. Gardevoir

User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#17
1. Muk
2. Kecleon
3. Politoed
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User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#18
1) Latias
2) Espeon
3) Gardevoir
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User Info: King-gamer

4 years ago#19
Mew, Infernape, Reshiram
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User Info: fox444f

4 years ago#20
1. Vulpix
2. Eevee
3. Charmander
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