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Why do people hate 5th gen.

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User Info: Aqua69696

4 years ago#51
Nomytaker posted...
"It's new. I hate Change. Everything's ugly!" Fifth Gen Haters.

Life is so easy when you just ignore other peoples statements, isn't it.

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User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#52
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User Info: swinishmetroid

4 years ago#53
LightningAce11 posted...

1 idiot does not account for "everyone". Gen 5 is far from my favourite gen but it was still really good. It had great pokemon and I liked all the little additions like infinate TMs and auto renewing repels.
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User Info: SipherX05

4 years ago#54
I enjoyed gen 5 to an extent but nowhere near as much as previous games.
I play these games with 2 brothers and a nephew but only my younger brother played through White and didnt bother with White 2.
I admit I lost interest with Black 2 but completed it just for the sake of it.
Some of the reasons are:
1. Starters were pretty crappy
2. Unova was one of the worst areas out of all the games
3. Downgraded online options (No auto level 100, really Gamefreak)
4. Same story and gameplay as older games means it doesnt feel fresh anymore

Dont get me wrong I still enjoyed the game (Scrafty ftw) but after I completed them I didnt touch again, and this is coming from someone who put 500 hours into Diamond.
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User Info: Sirk

4 years ago#55
The only thing I didn't like about Gen V was the storyline. BW1 was decent, but BW2 was so bad I wished I had just skipped through the dialogue. It was like Gamefreak said "We need to get to the cover legendary's epic battle, lets start from the player's hometown and draw a line through all the important events." The villains' dialogue was horrible, as though anything offensive had been replaced with easy, cheap pocket-values like "the power of friendship." The conflict of "truth versus ideals," which had a little value with the yin-yang premise of BW1, was utterly meaningless; you could have substituted in "courage versus prudence" or "feelings versus reason" and lines regarding them would have made just as much sense.

Someone will say Pokémon has always had bad storylines, but this isn't so. It has never had a jungle-gym of plot twists like a Tales title, true, but in Gen I it was at least entertaining to follow a humble character in opposition to realistic villains and a competitive, distasteful rival while figuring out on his own (without the game handing him everything via over-enthusiastic NPCs) how to cross this or that place and get to this or that city.

However, in BW2's defense, in all other areas it was a very good game. There are hundreds of hours of things to do and aspects of it such as the trainer's bag were made much more convenient. I just hope they make a passable storyline for X/Y.
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User Info: ashcrv

4 years ago#56
Because it broke them patterns. You know the ones that were never there in the first place.

User Info: Master_Albert

4 years ago#57
cuz sinno was lame and the gen 5 pokmans were kinda lame, i wuz glad that the gen 7 pekemons were much more better
gen 8 is the best gen so far

User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#58
SUGARASHAD posted...
i love how people say that people that hate on 5th gen are kids etc.. yet then they go and hate on 4th gen.. neckbeard irony

This. They're all just children playing a children's game and act like their opinions are the best like children

User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#59
My problem in gen 5 was that I did not like a lot of pokemon design
some when I saw the pictures the first time, I was 100% they were fake because they looked so bad.. and they ended up in the game...
and I am not a big fan of unova either, that central connection thing that never worked for me is a bit useless in the middle of the map
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User Info: rayneotacon

4 years ago#60
TheGaijin posted...
My problem in gen 5 was that I did not like a lot of pokemon design
some when I saw the pictures the first time, I was 100% they were fake because they looked so bad.. and they ended up in the game...

This. I was so sure Darmanitan was fake. There is just no way something that looks that dumb could be real. Having seen it in game, I still think it's fake.
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