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User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#21
Telepathy (Alakazam signature move)
Type: Varies
Power: Varies
Acc: 100
PP: 5
Priortiy: +8

Description: Alakazam will strike the enemy pokemon with the detected move dealing x2 BP special damage. Alakazam will then receive the attack at half damage. If no attack is readied, the move fails. Alakazam must recharge next turn regardless of outcome.

Examples: Alakazam reads a Marowak's mind to see that he's going to use Earthquake. Alakazam then uses Earthquake on Marowak, but dealing 200 ground type special damage instead of physical. He then takes a 75 power Earthquake from Marowak, and recharges next turn.

Marowak readies Swords Dance, Alakazam's Telepathy has no effect, and recharges next turn.
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User Info: BR0DE0

4 years ago#22
Type: Poison
PP: 5
Accuracy: -
Damage: -
The user emits toxic gasses into the air causing rain effects to turn into acid rain. Acid rain damages all non Poison/Bug/Steel pokemon and hurts water pokemon and those that are super effective to poison types more than normal. Acid rain becomes "clean" after 5 turns.

PP: 10
Accuracy: 55
Damage: -
The user freezes the opponent alive. Works much like sing, but with freezing.

Type: Ice
PP: 20
Accuracy: 100
Damage: 60
The user chisels at the opponent as if they were a sculpture. This attack works especially well on those who are frozen. Frozen opponents receive double the damage, but become unfrozen.
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