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Kotaku article ranking about best and worst Pokemon games

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User Info: Catcher_Freeman

4 years ago#41
3. Quit adding new Pokémon. Seriously, just stop it for right now. Focus on either giving each Pokémon a fully-3D model, or just adding a lot more frames of animation for each one. If you can handle that for all 450-ish Pokémon, great. If not, just do the first 151 — I'm sure a lot of players would give an "Anniversary Edition" a shot!

4. Remove Breeding. I'm sure this would be a controversial change, but it really has had a negative impact on the Trading community. "Legendary" Pokémon have become the only ones of any significant value, and being able to just breed Pokémon A) just seems really weird anyways, and B) robs you of that thrill of the hunt.

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User Info: odcrl001

4 years ago#42
Right on the money
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User Info: Shadow_StarWolf

4 years ago#43
What's funny is that casual fans would probably see stuff like what they recommended as terrible.

User Info: _Taidow_

4 years ago#44
Catcher_Freeman posted...
I know Kotaku was a joke, but this takes the cake.
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User Info: LostSoulCalibur

4 years ago#45
I personally rank them

III = II > I = V > > IV
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User Info: Roobitysu

4 years ago#46
From: Shadow_StarWolf | Posted: 1/30/2013 11:41:04 PM | #154

Abandon all hope.

All I'm getting out of this dreck is "Release RBY again"

Kotaku, you're grounded from Pokemon. Forever. Go to your room and think about what you've done.

What really send my jimmies into a state of perpetual motion here is that the intro slates this as a way to "refresh a series that hasn't changed for sixteen years" and yet 50% of the list is just undoing changes made to the series since 1st Gen.
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User Info: Verdika

4 years ago#47
Okay, lets see...

I'm an utter moron, so I feel the urge to respond to all this. Sorry.

1) I actually agree with that. Ah well, chalk it up to dumb luck.

2) So don't play with EVs and IVs. Pretty easy. You don't have to play with people who are the elite. You can play with people who prefer to play on the same level as you. You wouldn't send a high school track and field runner to run in the Olympics would you?

3) Da-wha? You have to be joking! 90% of the reason people keep coming back to these games is that the new pokemon make the experience somewhat fresh. Take that away and the games will die QUICK.

4) The heck!? What, first you want to bring the people who play hard ball down so that everyone can compete with them, now you want to make it impossibly hard to get good teams to start with? Do you even have any idea how horrible that idea would be? I don't even use breeding, because I play casually, but seriously, that is stupid.

5) Ooooookay...I guess? The gym thing...could be cool, if you could upload it to some sort of server and people could challenge it whenever they liked, though it would need a lot of fine tuning, and it still wouldn't make any significant difference. Don't see the point of the home thing. In case you haven't noticed, Pokemon isn't Animal Crossing. It's actually a good game series.

6) I can sort of see this as a personal thing. Don't remove the story, but stop trying to go over the top with every single installment. Making it more character driven and personal rather than saving the whole world from destruction would be cool. But don't take the story out all-together. You something driving you, villains and heroes and whatnot, but honestly I'm sick of being the world-saving hero. But that's TOTALLY based on preference. Don't try and make it sound like this would be a huge game changer. That's a totally narcissistic mind-set.

7)...Does anyone know what he just said? I didn't follow that.

8) Could be cool for a post-story dungeon. As long as you didn't miss out on something important if you couldn't do it.

9) Again, I could see this, but it would be really hard to balance and implement the right way. Don't forget, there are 649 Pokemon now, and if someone wanted each of those benchmark rewards, that would be a BIG time sink. Getting Arceus as a reward for getting every other Pokemon could be cool, so long as they still had the special events which allowed you to get it without doing all that.

10) And this would be a change in what way? I also liked the Gold/Silver rival the best, but that's because I felt he had the most interesting character, not that there was anything particularly different about yours. You're always just a random small-town kid.
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User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#48
You know, IGN isn't perfect, but it's hard to take "IGNorant" statements seriously when Kotaku exists.
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User Info: Jarred623

4 years ago#49
The ranking is pretty much spot on. Just swap IV and V and it's perfect.
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User Info: electric_emu

4 years ago#50
Gastroid posted...
Nothing will take away just how special the first generation of Pokémon was, but Generation II was where Pokémon really started to open up. The formal introduction of dual-types...

Okay, I'm not reading any more.

Yeah, I caught that too. Idiot.
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