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Your favorite Pokemon as a kid, your favorite Pokemon now

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User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#161
Kid- Ludicolo... Mostly cuz Mirror B.
Now- Ludicolo. Primarily for the same hilarious reason.
Currently commanding a platoon of coconuts. Slow work, but very fulfilling.

User Info: thirdsage

4 years ago#162
As a kid: Scizor
As an adult: Scizor

User Info: quadomatic23

4 years ago#163
Kid: Psyduck

Now: Psyduck
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User Info: Caomiaus

4 years ago#164
Kid: Typhlosion
Now: Typhlosion
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User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#165
I was always fond of Scizor, but I only recently decided that it was my favorite.

I don't think I really put much thought into favorite Pokemon back then. Maybe Mewtwo?
"Mints make me lonely."

User Info: Dalton Of Zeal

Dalton Of Zeal
4 years ago#166
Magneton, then and now.

User Info: grepps

4 years ago#167
As a kid: Flareon
Because my first pack of pokemon cards had a Flareon on the wrapper and I was like "oooh! it's so pretty" and my sister was like "just because it's on the wrapper doesn't mean it's in the pack" but it WAS in the pack.

Now: Gothorita
I know that's a really weird choice, but the whole evolutionary line is so funny to me and Gothorita looks like me a bit.

User Info: banana360

4 years ago#168
Kid: Blastoise

Now: I go back and forth with Gyrados, Milotic, Galvantula, Sharpedo, Gardevoir and Jolteon.
This reminds me of English classes where we'd put bulls*** meanings to things the that the authors didn't intend. - curryandrice

User Info: zxghostravenxz

4 years ago#169
As a kid: Sandslash
Now: Gallade
Why settle for 2 birds with one stone, when you can get a whole bunch with one hand grenade GT: zxGhostRavenxz

User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#170
Used to be Groudon. A giant thing that ways one ton, can walk through lava, and made the freaking continents? Awesome! Now it is Luxray, who is still a badass, but much cooler and sleeker.
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