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Your favorite Pokemon as a kid, your favorite Pokemon now

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User Info: wufei8706

4 years ago#21
Past: Charmander
Present: Axew

User Info: godumb

4 years ago#22
Scizor and Dragonite.
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#23
Kid: Squirtle
Now: Squirtle and Lucario

I think Squirtle will always be my favorite but Lucario is just so cool too. It's just too bad I can't have Squirtle in every game
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User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#24
kid+now: Alakazam
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User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#25
I wouldn't say I was a kid when I started playing, so...
Past - Arcanine
Now - Houndoom and Samurott

I still like Arcanine a lot, but I just like those two much more.
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User Info: Dr4G0nZ

4 years ago#26
Past: Pidgeot
Now: Arcanine or Infernape
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User Info: DutchAngel9

4 years ago#27
As a kid Charizard.
Now, Charizard.

Just look at that badass.
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User Info: q8sd

4 years ago#28
Kid: Articuno
Now: Tyranitar

User Info: Darkbootey

4 years ago#29
Loved Jynx since the first time I saw them and that has not changed. I still remember the first time all the way back in red/blue and getting "Lola" from that old man.
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User Info: ManaAlchemist

4 years ago#30
Kid: Haunter. I've always loved stuff like ghosts, and as awesome Haunter was, he became my favorite. Always hated that he evolves to that blob Gengar though, and i still hate it.

Now: Mismagius. I still love ghosts, and also like witches (or at least good looking ones), so Mismagius, who I think look like a witch ghost, has now become my favorite pokemon.
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