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Your favorite Pokemon as a kid, your favorite Pokemon now

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User Info: EnragedArcanine

4 years ago#41
Then: Seadra and Omastar

Now: Houndoom and Arcanine

User Info: kuroneko0509

4 years ago#42
Still Charizard, both in the past and present....

User Info: VIIVincent

4 years ago#43
Then: Charizard

Now: Typhlosion

i love fire types and Typhlosion is awesome.
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User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#44
Before: Blastoise I guess?
Now: Lucario and Groudon
It's-a me!

User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#45
Kid: Scizor and Tyranitar and Metagross
Now: Scizor and Milotic and Metagross
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User Info: Legendary_Musas

4 years ago#46
Child - Pikachu, adorable and the Pokemon mascot. Still love the little fella though.
Now - Scizor, badass enough said (loved it since GS).

Blastoise, Typhlosion and Toxicroak also rotate around the top echelons of my fav list aswell.

User Info: Xean_Liteheart

4 years ago#47

Now: Sandslash/Cloister.

All 3 were in my Original 6--- something I've always kept dearly in my memories.

User Info: DojoOfDirt

4 years ago#48
Past - Pikachu
Present - Pikachu
Future - Pikachu
Because it's not gonna change.
I'm hungry.

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

4 years ago#49
Kid - Munchlax
Why? - I had something happen, and Munchlax was a reminder.

Now - Empoleon
Why? - I just love it.
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(Not meant to offend)

User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#50
SideShowBatt posted...
Kid- Gyarados
Now- Gyarados

It was rewarding back then to raise a Magikarp to level 20 and it still is today!
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