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Pick a starter. Your ideal starter.

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User Info: Daemonscharm

4 years ago#1
Pick the perfect starter for you to go on a journey with. Catching other Mons are to be expected so don't worry about the holy trinity (water/fire/grass).

1. Must evolve at least once.
2. No legendaries

For me I'd choose either Abra or Scraggy

Abra - evolves into my favorite Mon ever, Alakazam, and seems like a great companion

Scraggy - is the perfect type for me combining 2 of my favorites and has an incredible move pool as well as seems fun to be around
Mavs Fan: Official GBASB Vice President/Romancer

User Info: GeminiWK

4 years ago#2
Member of the Sophia Esteed fan club. Sophia forever <3

User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#3
Treeko or Joltik.
3DS FC: 2578-3118-6645 PSN: PowahBoxers
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User Info: Immortal_Chaos7

4 years ago#4
I'd say Torchic but being that thats a rather uncreative answer being that Torchic is already a starter, Beldum.
Pokemon Diamond-Name:Jack / FC:0043-9308-0032

User Info: TheKitchenRat

4 years ago#5

Because Lucario is my favorite Pokemon.
... ... ...

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#6
BlackFC:1807-8830-3725 "Squids are evil!"
Official Zoroark of the Pokemon XY board

User Info: Legendary_Musas

4 years ago#7
Croagunk :)

User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#8
I think never is enough.
Gamertag: Icecold229

User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#9
I wish Blastoise was my dad. He wouldn't beat my mom like what her boyfriend, Johnny does. If Blastoise was my dad things would be different around here.

User Info: makeyurself

4 years ago#10
White FC: 3955-5189-5680
Black 2 FC: 2495-2003-0790
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