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Pick a starter. Your ideal starter.

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User Info: NBIceman

4 years ago#41
"Men only think about the past right before they're dead, as if they were searching frantically for proof they were alive."
- Jet Black

User Info: IrisVile

4 years ago#42
Feebas, Petill, Vulpix, Snorunt(to Froslass), female Combee, Skitty, or Miltank. :]
I'm a wench, who vomits her mind.

User Info: sonicqaz2

4 years ago#43

Don't judge me bro.
XBOX GT: Lucky Duck 55

User Info: Heracross17

4 years ago#44
Bulbasaur or Tentacool
HG FC: 2666 6874 1041
Black FC: 1764 7784 9186

User Info: blh88

4 years ago#45
so delicious and moist
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