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What was your first shiny experience!?

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User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#21
Bibarel in Platinum <_<

But then I found a Farfetch'd so it was k
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User Info: SPDShadowRanger

4 years ago#22
Red Gyarados

Didn't see my first non-event shiny until last summer.

User Info: CrusnikCain

4 years ago#23
Female Magmar in the grass in front of the Iron Works
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User Info: Echidneys

4 years ago#24
When I spent about a week straight on Soulsilver, hatching almost 500 eggs, to get a shiny Ralts--and even then, not being sure if it would be female, because a male Gardevoir would have been weird (I didn't know about Gallade yet.)
I was doing the typical routine: ride my bike until either an egg hatched or got a call about a new egg, while watching TV. Then one day, while watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, I just happened to look down during the standard egg hatch sequence and noticed "Oh my god, this Ralts is blue, and not green."

Seriously, for a second, I thought my perception of color had gone wrong from seeing so many Raltses, but it had a red star and was female, so I affectionately named her Rinoa, and along with my Typhlosion, she was my main partner for the entire remainder of my adventure in Johto.
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User Info: RedShadowww

4 years ago#25
Excluding the ones practically handed to you...none ;(

User Info: Mewtwo_soul

4 years ago#26
Charmander from RBY.

I traded it over to my Silver early, and all of a sudden it wasn't the correct color. I thought my game may have been glitched or screwed up and almost restarted, had it not been for a friend who said I should keep it just in case.

Then I saw Red Gyarados and was like... Well they could have gotten to this way sooner.
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User Info: Tkmajing

4 years ago#27
Mine was Skarmory on Pokemon Silver. I was so confused and accidently killed it. Its the only Shiny Pokemon i have ever seen! :(
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User Info: shadow_sake

4 years ago#28
Emerald: Zubat, Loudred
Fire Red: Gastly
Diamond: Clamperl
White 2: Darumaka
PSN: Shadow_Sake

User Info: DarthBadger

4 years ago#29
At least some of you get to see shiny pokemon. I'd rather encounter one and not capture it than never see one through hundreds of hours of gameplay.

I swear, I'm actually starting to believe "shiny pokemon" is the most elaborate joint trolling effort ever devised by Nintendo, red gyarados, and millions of players all just for me to look like a fool for the past 12 years.
"They don't think it be like it is, but it do." - Oscar Gamble
Should have. Should *******have.

User Info: Klockdown

4 years ago#30
I encountered a shiny, female sandshrew in HGSS. I lost the game unfortunately, now I really want it back..
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