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What was your first shiny experience!?

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User Info: AlI_About_The_U

4 years ago#31
Outside of scripted shiny events, I've only seen shinies in battle facilities.

User Info: Czar_Yoshi

4 years ago#32
Zapdos in FRLG. Masterballed it.
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User Info: Hitman1102

4 years ago#33
Pidove, just a couple of months ago. Nothing special but a shiny is a shiny
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User Info: happynoodleboy7

4 years ago#34
Red Gyarados is the closest I've gotten to even seeing a non-standard color in the wild. Conversely, I've gotten the Pokérus four or five times despite it supposedly being only a third as likely as finding a shiny.
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User Info: ZERO2936

4 years ago#35
I saw the shiny Espeon in the tower in FR/LG and that's how I found out about shinies in the first place. Then I encountered a shiny Natu and was like =O. Fortunately, I managed to catch it.

User Info: LRPG

4 years ago#36
Electrode on Gold.
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User Info: Y2JUzumaki

4 years ago#37
Not counting Gyarados, it was a shiny Tentacool in either Silver or Crystal.

This was before I knew there were other shinies besides Gyarados so I thought my game was going screwy. Luckily I decided to catch it anyways. Afterwards, I looked up on the internet about it and found out shinies existed for all of the other Pokemon as well

User Info: CallOfGoaty

4 years ago#38
Tentacool on FireRed. Not counting the Gyarados from the previous games.

Used my one and only netball in the game lol (Netball can't be find on that game I think, traded it from R/S either of the two can't remember much.

User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#39
Ran into a Shiny Machop in Fire Red, failed to catch it.

User Info: Kajagogo

4 years ago#40
Female Machoke... -_- I actually ended up getting rid of it.

Second one was a Ponyta, and I was so stoaked but I didn't have a lot of pokeballs and all of my pokemon were at too high of a level to not knock it out in one hit. I was devistated when it broke out of all my attemps to catch it. That's why I make sure to always fave pleny of quick, dusk, timer and level balls with me at all time.
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