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What was your first shiny experience!?

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User Info: MTGxerxes

4 years ago#61
EV training my Skarm in defense on Diamond. Level 8 shiny Onix showed up, ended up having a sassy nature and below average IVs so I never used it... but to this day its still the only shiny I've ever found.

I didn't have any way to safely hurt it either, I just had to throw balls until I caught it.
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User Info: icefire_phoenix

4 years ago#62
I was training a new Pokemon on my Crystal version one evening. Ran into a shiny Psyduck - no Pokeballs.

KO'd it, bought some more, ran into a shiny Drowzee about 20 minutes later. The Odd Egg from that game also hatched into a shiny Smoochum.

Haven't seen a shiny since, outside of both Gyarados and Haxorus.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 years ago#63
My first random one was in Ruby.
There was a rumor of a way to guarantee a shiny appearance once per day. I decided to try it out and add my experience to the evidence pile against it... except I encountered a shiny exactly when it said I would.
Of course it was just a massive coincedence, but it still got me my very first shiny, a Wingull.

I gave my cousin my Sapphire version, and she kept restarting upon defeating the E4.
On her 3rd playthrough, the very first pokemon she encountered after getting pokeballs was a shiny Poochyena.
She caught it, and cherished it... until she beat the E4 and restarted. T.T

Her younger brother was leveling up in White.
He found a shiny Audino, he caught it and loves it. He caught it over a year ago and still brags about it.
Oddly enough, he thinks it makes him an expert shiny hunter, and that he can find any shiny within 30 minutes if he wants, because he had only been playing for 30 when the Audino appeared(He's 12 so it's forgivable).
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User Info: jamey451

4 years ago#64
Other then the Gyarados in Gold. I found about two shiny caterpies in gold in the Elix Forest. I didn't know about shinies at the time so I ko'd them. I found a shiny magikarp in emerald on the lake outside of the 8th gym. In Sapphire I found a blue voltorb. In Leaf Green I found a shiny kakuna near nugget bridge. I caught it and got to the S.S. Anne before I dropped my gba and the game shut off..I didn't save either.. T-T

My recent nuzlocke playthrough of gold i found a shiny bellsprout. Hmm..I guess you can say i've been pretty lucky with the shinies. Well sorta lol.
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User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
4 years ago#65
green zubat in silver. regular silver on gameboy. picked it up again after a month (school) and my game save was corrupted or something :'(
psn id: FearTheMonkey

User Info: DirtBasedSoap

4 years ago#66
Shiny Zubat in FireRed a couple years ago.
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User Info: Mugen39

4 years ago#67
first shiny i every got was a tyrouge i got in an egg in silver i didnt know it was a shiny back then but i kept him because blue was my favorite color :)
a elekid in crystal
a solrock in emerald
a fearow in diamond
a bibarel in platinum ugh :/ but a shiny spriritomb later with a modest nature :D
a cobalion in black 2 complete surprise to me when i encountered it o_O
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User Info: Oak_Tea

4 years ago#68
In Silver, Red Gyarados was my first. It was amazing, I kept it in my team permanently.

There was a pink Golbat (called it Pink Eye), which I ended up trading to my friend for an Articuno, which I kept in my team permanently. Worth it!

On Gold, I caught a golden Caterpie. I was disappointed when it didn't evolve into a golden Metapod. (I think it's pink) I cloned it though, so I still had the golden Caterpie. Too bad they've been lost to dead batteries.

There was another one on Silver, but I don't remember...

I got a blue Ponyta in a trade over the GTS in Diamond (it was when the developers said they'd trade a Japanese Psyduck for a North American Ponyta) and people were trading North American Psyducks to get other people's Ponytas off the market...I wanted to get rid of the ones with dirty names, so I traded those ones away for a few Ponyta. Then I saw that someone put a Blue Ponyta up, so I snatched it up quickly.

Sure, it could've been hacked, but it was a Shiny. In that situation, (with tons of people trading Psyducks for Ponytas) it was probably a 1/8124 (or whatever) chance of me actually finding and getting it in that split second anyways. =)

Never got another shiny, despite trying the Masuda method, soft resetting in HG/SS for a shiny starter (with 3x the chance and less time to check), and using the Poke Radar. I never tried too hard, but I thought I'd see more in the wild since Gen 2 simply with the amount of hours I put it.

Because of my desire for shinies, I've always kept my masterball in case I ran into a shiny pokemon with Self-Destruct.
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User Info: VortexContinuum

4 years ago#69
Shiny Onix in Fire Red
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User Info: TheGoldenFerret

4 years ago#70
Playing platinum, Find shiny graveler outside the area before origin world. First atrack was self destruct and I lost hope forever... fast forward to soul silver and while Im leveling in the mountain beforr fighting red find myself another shiny graveler, It procedes to lock itself into rollout so I catch it with ease but seeing it had me die a little on the inside knowing that it just HAD to be graveler...
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