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Favorite Pokedex Entries.

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User Info: Whats_Up4444

4 years ago#1

Sapphire: Through the power of meditation, Medicham developed a sixth sense. It gained the ability to use psychokinetic powers. This Pokémon is known to meditate for a whole month without eating.

Emerald: Through crushingly harsh yoga training, it gained the power to foretell its foe's actions. It battles with elegant, dance-like movement.

FR/LG: It elegantly avoids attacks with dance-like steps, then launches a devastating blow in the same motion.

Pearl: Through daily meditation, it hones its spiritual power. It can sense what others are thinking.

Platnium: It gains the ability to see the aura of its opponents by honing its mind through starvation

But I liked them all as a whole.

I'm writing a fanfic where a trainer had fighting types, one of whom were a female Medicham. The trainer handpicked her out of nearly 6 Meditites. Tested them, and saw that she was the best out of them.

After going through half the gyms of Kanto, he left to Hoenn. Leaving all his Pokemon behind. Promised he would return one day.

Medicham made a vow, to not eat, drink, or stop meditating until he has come back. She fears she will be replaced by another Medicham. If her trainer just handpicked her, why pick would he stay with an inferior one of her species. So by training, she will be stronger. She wants to be the very best of her kind. Like no one of her species ever was. (*rimshot*)

At the end, at moment her trainer sets foot on the soil of Kanto, her eyes open, she stands up and calls for him. And waits.

And do by going from the Pokedex, she does in fact be able to see the aura of others, and eats one berry every month.

But stays in her meditation. Eyes closed she uses her telekinetic powers to pluck a single berry and eats it. Breaking her vow of not eating. But continues to not drink, talk, or break meditations.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#2
Obey the Queen

User Info: Whats_Up4444

4 years ago#3
Considering how this is a video GAME message board, about a POKEMON game, and this topic is about FAVORITE POKEDEX ENTRIES, I was showing how much I loved these specific entries with CAPS.
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User Info: Gardevoir47

4 years ago#4
Emerald: Rhyhorn.

That is all.
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User Info: Brandon042487

4 years ago#5
B**** don't make me HM01 you!
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