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The World Gets Changed Into Poke'mon X(TWG CIP X) Part... 4!!!

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#1
This is the continuation of the previous thread;, which is the continuation of this other thread; , which is also a continuation of this other thread; , in which each users that registered in participates with each other in progressing the overall story.
The three main rules from that present for this thread are:

* Each new participating user can start off with a small summery on how they become a pokemon.
* Each post should end in a way that can easily be picked up by other users.
* After a poster is done with their part of the story, anyone participating can pick it up at any time.

The overall plot takes place after the main characters of the late(username, not person in real life) Jabba's CYOA corrupt the world's water supply, which eventually turns nearly all of the human population of the world into Pokemon.

The currently participating characters are:

Main group:

0ne the Weavile grudging against Polimario(M).
Astral the Fan Rotom(M).
Aaron the reformed Turtwig(..M).
Bane the Typhlosion(M)
Chack the Keldeo(M)
Changlini the Maractus(M)
Polimario(?/M) the Genesect regaining his memories.
Jabba the Fenniken(M).
Dewfard local Twocant the Salamence(M).
Event the Victini

Crossing group
Pass the.. Star Woman.
And Throwback the Human.
(Possibly King_Kaizo?)

Family one
(Imo, the one that usually has fun with Transformations):

Carly, the Shiny Charizard Blond with the house(F).
Bri the Dragonair(F)(dead).
Tableflip the Ninetails(M).
Eve the eevee(Their child).
Eve, Tablflip and Bri's teenage child(??)
TableFlip's Brother, a Rashiram
Mike/Micheal the Hydreigon(M).
Evan the....?

Sub Group 2

Cameron the rapidash.
Jessica the Lucario.
Lexi the...Zoroark.
Zena, the wife of Cameron, who's a zebstrika
Kyle the human(I have no idea what pok'emon he was.)

Sub Group Three:

Hannah the Tropius(??)
Josh the suicune
Angel the Suicune.
A baby Suicune named Aqua.
James the Trainer.
Kayla the Raikou.

Family Two:
Willingmess the ...scizor?(M)
Serah the Palkia + Quatrona + Gaiaton, wife of Willingmess.(F)
Selena, the Kingdra who absorbed a metroid named jelly.(??)


Aaron the turtwig.(M)
The mark, missigno.
Cresselia the angry digital entity.


metroid queen
Black Ooze
Jack & Daxter
Kirby bosses
Other cameos from other games.

So much names....


There are users that have stopped continuing their stories in the last thread and are not part of the main groups. They can still continued their stories, just have to post a recap.

And it'd be nice if the ones participating could post recaps after five or more post progressions of their own side of the story.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#2
Recap of the main group:

As the metroids are slowly taking over the world, Jabba and friends are exploring many areas of the Orre region, in an effort to become prepared for the confrontation with the satanic grandmaster of all things bad.

[Serah and Willingmess have a child, Selena the Horsea.]

Just as the group formed up with each other as they woke up from the cold night, Palkia came in after re-discovering what was the cause of the rift that opened the metroids, to collect Changlini for questioning, leaving the rest of the group to follow Gubbey into the mountains, after Landorus and his subordinates explained to the Beheeyem as to why the group was in the desert knowing that the third beast hasn't yet came into play.

As they explore the mountains riddled with corpses, it becomes apparent that something in the place is causing Gubbey to have subtle flashbacks to himself as a child. But, that didn't stop Astral to be contacted by his father, revealing to his son that he's the third beast that is needed to bring the GSMOATB to life!

Back to Throwback, the human was currently chasing down the mechanical deoxys that was trying to destroy all life on the poke'earth. He followed it to the future, and then destroyed it. Only for Willingmess to come in and take the scientist back to the past to lead the way for a special event to occur, saving the world all together.

When they come back, Throwback goes on a mini adventure to turn on switches.

Meanwhile in Palkia's personal dimension, Changlini reveals where the disks from his last major expedition were taken by, telling the angry legend that his superior, Uka, has the white disk. Palkia reacts to the information by coming back to the Poke'mon world and causing Lucy Lu's aircraft to rupture and be tore apart bight special rend attacks.

However, not wanting to be responsible for her crew's deaths, Lucy parachutes upwards to save all her men, while Pixy and Johnson distract Palkia from doing a final blow to Lucy the pilot, who then crashes down into the sand as she sees her crew pull their parachutes. The grunts back in the tower proceeds upwards to get into position for the launching of the Tracker device.

[The deoxys already started a meteor shower, that got worse.]

After that, Palkia challenges Uka, who then proceeds to drop two recovery crafts on her way to confront the legend. As the lady in white defiantly stands before Palkia, she's then taken into the legend's personal dimension and promptly placed into a bubble above a rift she already took information from. Palkia leaves to go back to Jabba's group to form the Pink and white disks into the reformer, for the original dragon to be formed.

[Brigand starts experimenting with the metroids, causing them to become apparently indestructible to everything that's not also invincible... well, that's probably a slight exaggeration, but still.]

When that's taken care of, Gubbey and friends are then hasten back from the mountain riddled with bodies, to the ominous deserts of Orre. They await for the third beast to come into play as Serah is using her gigantic form to do battle with the mother of the Hoenn trio.

During all that, 0ne is trying to get to the bottom of what caused Polimario to lose all his memories. While the Jigglypuff was ever getting closer to realizing his plan of awakening the GSMOATB.

The refurbish NER, oh how you've redeemed me.
Walker, you're here because you wanted to be something you're not, a hero ~Konrad

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#3
[coninued from first continue]

Back to Uka, seeing the Maractus outside the bubble, she pursuaded Changlini to get in just as the bubble popped, dragging both of them down into the void of all and none. In their freefall, Uka sees the view of everything and nothing through the eye of the camera lens. And as she faced Arceus, it/he showed the woman the one scene that would break her denial, finally causing the breakdown that she prevented herself from experiencing all those years.

[Uka's dreamland becomes overrun by metroids, mostly because Brigand(Gonna clarify an intention soon.) closed off all comunicatiosn from the NRB to island. Most of the population hides within the LOR]

Meanwhile, the switches are pressed, and the third beast shows up, causing a battle between it, Serah, and the mother of the weather trio to commence. Leading to the awakening of the grand satanic master of all things bad, all in the while the Deoxys initiates a world destroying DNA Colony within space, which Throwback is in the presence of.

As he and Pass venture through the facility, Pass gets killed by guards, forcing Throwback to unleash devastating powers that resided deep, deep inside the man. Which destroyed them all. Throwback continued to push forward to the base of Meta-Deoxys, unto the robot infested planet of Kiolo.

Back to jabba's group, Willingmess comes back to see that all the drives(Pink disk and the Purple apology) manifested themselves, combining into Rashiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, combining them into the original dragon(They all can think separately though).

After the OD destroys Gaiaton, the GSMOATB(Including the annoying kids who curse online) comes out of the ground, awakened. Jigglypuf the mastermind quickly orders his Polimario to board the beast, controlling it. 0ne the weavile then gives pursuit.

The OD and Sarah(that's combined with two other meshes of legends) are forced to retreat from the battle. As they recoup, they then find that for the complete formation of the OD not go to waste, Willingmess has to sacrifice himself to give the Original Dragon his borrowed armor. He does so, giving his life for the dragon to wear armor, and have the embodiment of the two original heroes to show up on it. They then leave to confront the GSMOATB(Even the stabby pins that lie on the floor.)

[RC1 and RCA continue to rescue Lucy Lu's crew and the grunts in the tower that successfully launched and placed the tracker device on the GSMOATB. Leaving the scene to go back to the island that hasn't yet been destroyed by Metal-Deoxys mega planet destroyer thingle.]

[A mysterious figure, who I will most likely never get the reference, shows up to the OD/Partner, talks and leaves]
[The main group sees 0ne the weavile climb up the beast as they approach confrontation.]
[Palkia goes back to rescue both Changlini and Uka, as they're inside the time of everything and nothing, at the infinite start of existence, confronting Arceus and his unknown army.]

Meanwhile in digital existence...

Digi-Cresselia decides out of the blue to invade the real poke'world, leaving a confuse mark to conclude that having a digi-battle with the digi-poke'mon would result in the dig-place Mark(And eventually in the future, Aaron) calls home to be destroyed...digitally. As the digi-army of Porygons invade the world, they find themselves at a great disadvantage of being prepared, much to Mark's amusement. But still, Missingno ponders why Digi-Cresselia hasn't called forth the drive upgraded porygon 2 and Z.

[Continued 2]
The refurbish NER, oh how you've redeemed me.
Walker, you're here because you wanted to be something you're not, a hero ~Konrad

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#4
[continued from continued 2]

[Eve the absol uses warp orb.]
[Eve fights off a Deoxys in his attempt to climb the mountain that holds spear pillar.]
[At some point, gets turned into a Victini with invisibility.]
[Then blasts off to the crew.]

Back in SPACE....

Throwback finds himself in front of Meta-Deoxys(Oh.. I think I got the reference, or am thinking of something else entirely), and proceeds to stab the mechanical monster. Thinking it's all over, the man escapes through an escape pod. But then, the machine forms with the entire space colony! Bringing the end of the world thing into fruition!

On the GSMOATB, 0ne and the Weavile duke it out! Only to then fall to their demise, just to then be saved by one of the mustache trio! 0ne now has the black chip, the thing that contains the memories of Polimario! The OD and P deal a massive blow to the Grand Satanic Master of all things bad, causing it to be defeated!

After the monster is defeated, OD and P depart, and the Unova trio separate again. As they come back to the main group, Zekrom holds a reformed Willingmess its hands/Palm/whatever.

Meanwhile, back in the void of existence, Changlini is in the possession of Palkia, who cast a rift proof fishing line of energy to bring back the maractus from the presence of Uka, who now sees a mural that Cyrus painting in his exile, revealing a certain child who is at the center of a certain event that the Lady caused. Uka then has a breakdown, while Johnson and the Veteran grunt(They're from a certain future) come in to defend her from the vengeful hands. Only to be saved by Palkia, as the lady gets consumed by the realizations, holding onto the combination of her comfort, the limitless potential of her group, and the truth that shined passed her denial.

[That combination turns into a white glowing oval orb thing.]
[A computer virus shows up in the poke'world.]

Arceus shows up to a praying Throwback, ordering the legends to stop the world from being destroyed by Meta-Deoxys. Palkia then shows up to prevent the moon colony from destroying the planet, warping it to a stable position, while also bringing back Throwback from space. After all that is done, Arceus thanks the group, and tells Uka that Cresselia and Darkrai will be sent to lessen the tormenting of her memories.

Recovering Crafts A and 1 are then sent to recover the entire group, just as the EITS informs Uka of the island being overrun with the improved metroids. After a long character building filler trip to the storm wall, the crafts stop at the NRB just outside the storm wall to send in two teams to find out if there's a way to combat the metroids.

[A paralyzed Lucy Lu recites the first part of the Expendable pledge with Pixy.]
[Polimario's memories slowly start to come back]
[Throwback is taken away by star people, while Project LEGEND(Who's goal is to create the ultimate poke'mon) leader Solar wants him and Pass killed.]
[Some town got invaded by a person named 0 that was sent to kill Pass, but he fails]
[Star shards come into play, eight of them must be found, Throwback already has some.]
[Solar sends 0 and Kinea to attempt to kill Throwback and Pass again.]

Polimario has a chance to use the upgrade drive Uka let him borrowed, causing him to be able to fend off smaller metroids within the ship his group was ordered to search inside of. Event the Victini is obsessed with an orange box that was found in the termination ships. And after a brief escape, they all head back towards the group within the main base.

[continued 3]
The refurbish NER, oh how you've redeemed me.
Walker, you're here because you wanted to be something you're not, a hero ~Konrad

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#5
[Continued from continued 3]

In the base, Uka has the party split up. Her group finds the ever familiar face of Brigand on a recording, showing how he single-handedly caused the destruction of the small human forces within his area, by creating the sentient and apparently invincible(I'm pondering if I should have Uka find the person who created that word) forever queen metroid.

[Throwback and Pass are running around a LEGEND facility]

Meanwhile, Johnson's group finds the source of the veins that plagues the base. Just when his team declares that nothing can defeat the vine monstrosity, the Tyrannitar shows them the map to the cleaning products production lab. They then get the idea of manufacturing a mold bomb(That's basically made out of chemicals that is proven to be very good at killing all forms of organic life, just so it can kill large areas that are taken over by mold.) to kill the pulsating plant source, and specifically the pulsating plant source only, ignoring the metroids. That group succeeds in making a detonation device, all the while Uka's group goes deeper within the complex.

[The computer virus takeover worsens]
[Selena the horsea befriends a metroid who.. it names Jelly]
[Astral and Serah are left behind to guard the two crafts from any threat]
[Astral tells changlini his back story about running away from home when he was turned into a Fan Rotom at his 13th birthday.]
[Willingmess follows the group that's inside the metroid infested base]
[Destin comes into play]

Event gets lost from Polimario, finding himself inside a cave infested by untested metroids. He then quickly unleashes the Power of V-create on everything around the victini, incinerating a large metroid that had neural control over a lot of the subjects within the area, killing them all as Event comes blasting in to Uka's group that's in disbelief at what just happened. They then continue to try to meet up with Johnson's group.

Palimario and friends face the ever familiar face with Brigand, who hallucinates in thinking that he's the person who found the Genesect fossil. The Genesect and most of the grunts trample past the ever familiar face of the mutated Brigand, who quickly armors himself as Jabba, Aaron, and Gubbey face off against him.

Gubbey turns super powered, and completely destroys the ever familiar face of Brigand, giving them time to meet back up the Polimario, and the rest of the group. Only to find that Ridley bursts in to ruin their day, and proceeds to steal the now completed mold destroying bomb of the century from the hands of the now furious grunts, Chack, and Bane who helped make the thing in the first place. Everyone gives chase, landing into a room filled with lava, for Selena the horsea to smack-pow-blast Kraid into submission, while everyone else continue to run down the path to Ridley.

[The computer virus infects the EITS]
[A space station is about to destroy the earth.]
[The EITS and S-Crew re-routes the virus back to the station.]
[Solar Dies]
[Throwback's crazy day is saved.]
[X-Parasites show up]

They then arrive at a launch site, and after quickly none-lethally dispelling some metroids, they find Ridley setting up the bomb down below them. After it insulted the work Uka's grunts in making the all Poke'earthan made mold killing bomb, the lady jumps down to confront the Purple illegal alien. Detonating the bomb in the process, but it's then found out that a force prevented the blasts, the fumes, and the chemicals released from the explosion from killing anyone.

[continued 4]

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#6
[continued from continued 4]

Ridley flies outside to the ship hovering above the the two recovery crafts that are in a battle against the falling space pirates. In the confusion, the empty recovery craft 1 catches fire as the few supercharged recovery grunts, Serah, and Astral try their best against the overwhelming odds. Uka sends Polimario with the reformer equipped, along with Twocant, Event, and 0ne to the flying craft to destroy it as the damaged remaining recovery craft tries to escape while being piloted by a wheelchair bond Lucy.

Polimario beams Ridley back to whence it came, and sets the ship to crash land into the ocean. After they escaped the crashing ship, Uka orders the Recovery Craft pilots to drop a special bomb that simply weighed too much to carry under the overweight pressure of the entire team. It bursts into a white fog, that engulfs the crashed ship, to then light up, incinerating everything in the fog.
[Project LEGENDS invades the main island with a shadow Arceus]
[The queen's subjects defeat them]
[Kinea revives the dead subjects.]
[Kinea then faces the queen metroid for dominance]
[Truce is made, then betrayal by Kinea(Kinea is invincible btw)]

After entering the storm wall, 0ne slices the orange box, releasing a special drive for Genesect. While the lady takes back the reformer, and proceeds to get knocked out by the turbulence during her thank you address to the team. When they break through the storm, they find an island distorted with pulsating goop filled trees and coastline, while Metroids and X-Parasite float everywhere.

[The main group frees the 200 people and 700 poke'mon trapped within the LOR]
[Uka plans a divide and conquer strategy]
[Skeleton Crew rescues Pass and Throwback, as they then go up to the mountainside DST facility to start operation Fed-Up.]
[Throwback and Pass break off from the group to do their own thing]
[Selena turns into a kingdra, with jelly absorbing into the child to help it survive the infection of the X-parasite]

The taking back of the island is rushed(That is happening mainly in the large moments that really shouldn't be, while the much smaller side moments get more than enough attention for some reason) to the extremes, the group then faces the queen, seeing the thing escape in a ship, insulting Uka.

[The Queen's immortality is taken away by cheaters]

The lady forces Astral to stop possessing the mechanical Giratina, rewires it, shadow forces her way into the escaping ship, then hallucinates herself as a black figure that can only move when the screen blacks out each half a second, strangling the queen in the process. With the power of numbers, she phases through each wall to then fall into the hands of Serah, as the escaping ship is incinerated by a tracking missile.

[Kirby bosses have a meeting]

It's revealed to be a decoy, out of disgust to the deformation of her legacy, Uka orders the human members of her team to erase any signs of foreign contaminants on the island, forcing the entire place to be doused with gasoline, having the air be turned into combustible fuel, to then lead the entire place to light up like a holiday tree.


User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#7
[Continued from continue 5]

After the island is now turned into a black charred place, with only the mountains being the source of any color(mostly a ghostly white). The area becomes not suitable for any and all forms of life, she, changlini, Johnson, Tony, and the Veteran grunt get some clean dirt from the LOR and proceed to plant a plain seed, that then is supercharged by the white oval orb, giving it the ability to quickly sprout, initializing a new chapter of the place.

Aaron gets approached by GPT Raikou, who then attacks the Turtwig and friends that are inside a ship. During the battle, the Raikou reveals to them that they are the popular topic in the legendary plain. Aaron defeats the GPT Raikou through busting a large hole out to the ship, and they all then celebrate.

[kirby boss invasion has already started.]
[There's a meeting between (MLP FIM)Discord, Lavos, Baal, and Giygas.]
[A mysterious rift that lead to the real world opens]


User Info: Throwback2780

4 years ago#8
i just realized when i made Metal Deoxys combine with the colony i made a Sonic Adventure 2 reference.

"BUT I'M NOT ON NO ONE'S SIG."-DynasticAnthony
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#9
TableFlip's group:

Hypno is revived, seeking revenge on the party. Taking Angel from the group. They chase down the hypno again back to his hideout. In the following confrontation, it is revealed that it only wanted to be friends with people. After that clears up, TableFlip and friends becomes friends with the Hypno, they then set off back to Carly's house.

A guy with shades interrupts them, making the group crash down after spraying the large Carly with pure water. After recovery, the guy with shades tells them that he wants them to calm his wife down, who was turned into a Tyranitar and is continuing to rampage through the nearby forest. They calm the rampaging impure poke'mon down, and then proceed back to Carly's house.

At night, Bri and TableFlip stood watch under the meteor shower. They make a wish and continue to bond, while thinking of their future adventures. A meteor then almost kills them, while inside the house, Angel and Josh watch over their egg. It hatches into a baby Suicune who they name Aqua. Bri and Table Flip have a discussion of death that brings them both closer to each other. Darkrai comes in and comforts the couple, while Eve wakes up, realizing that it failed at the mission, now Eve goes back to Carly's house as an Eevee again. The group then bonds some more.

Daytime, Josh gets poisoned by bad Oran berries. The group realize that the meteor shower is still going, tableFlip gets into a flashback about Brianna wanting to go on a date. Bri snaps TableFlip out of it. Next day, Bri, tableFlip, Eve, and Aqua left to find out what was killing off the plant life around the town.

On their adventure they find the stone that was causing the plants to die, which evolves Eve into a Glaceon. Back in Carly's house, the entire group sleeps for the night.

Now, the next week, the group that was part of the original CYOA finally gotten to spread their plan farther, albeit without the master'balls that seem to change anyone into a poke'mon once caught. After invading LittleRoot town, Carly and friends find shelter and try to form a plan. Angel became the designated trainer and continued to confront the group.

After making the group retreat, they all except Carly, Jash, and Angel went back to Carly's house, while the three went off to defeat the group. As Angel arrived in Slateport town, Angel somehow got into a poke'mon musical that was being judged..

And then Josh married Kayla as part of the musical.
Then Angel and someone else trained poke'mon together.

Back in Carly's house, the group over there investigate what's causing the cold.
They find an Flareon and Articuno being the source.
After battle, the Flareon joins the group back into Carly's house.

TableFlip and friends now have to stop Groudon!
After training, Angel goes back to the hotel.
Lexi the Zoroark joins a group to find a cure for it!

James is revealed to be an evil team member! Turning Angel back into a Suicune!
He then proceeds to capture Carly, Angel, and Josh!
But then, in a secluded place, he tells them that he's a spy along with kayla!
They then sail to Lilycove city!

Cameron continues on his adventure with the others. Finding a water factory, that somehow still has pure water. After the fiasco that turns Kyle back to human, they go to help out a poke'mon crying for help.

It's none other than Zena, Cameron's wife!

In the battle against the groudon, Eve ko'd it as Evan told that it squished bri.
Bri dies, and TableFlip and friends go home.
On the way hom, darkrai told Tableflip to look behind him, seeing Brianna in human form, they talked together and arrived at the house, Brianna faded away along with darkrai.

The adventure of TWG CIP X continues!
[You can post now.]

User Info: Throwback2780

4 years ago#10
*reading summary*

Solar died on the Space Station. he was defeated as Solar Soul & made the Sun combine with a laser to destroy the earth. then Kinea was the one who replaces Solar's role of Leader.
"BUT I'M NOT ON NO ONE'S SIG."-DynasticAnthony
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