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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 26 - Sableye Evolution

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User Info: bobstevens23123

4 years ago#31
troipus or whatever the guys name was could use an evo
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User Info: FungusForBrains

4 years ago#32
7/10 Bogleech won me over, as always. :D

All nominations to Shedinja evolution.

User Info: Mirando64

4 years ago#33
7/10, because even though it really wouldn't be one I'd ever choose to have on my team, I like the concept and enjoyed the fan art you found for this one. Particularly these ones:

5 nominations for Quagsire evolution. (Connor, our derp is getting up there!)

And Connor, awwwh. :( I know how you feel. The combination of these three photos depicts how I feel without my Otter. :(

I love you. Feel better, sicky. <3 :(
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User Info: arceusrules1988

4 years ago#34
5 noms Electrode
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User Info: FunleashTheUry

4 years ago#35
ConnorTheOtter posted...
FunleashTheUry posted...

5x to Mawile

You Grump?

I'm not so grump.
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I <3 you.

User Info: Scizoreon

4 years ago#36
At first I wasn't so sure about this one but after seeing the fan art I would be quite happy to get one even if it only has a couple of things in common with the fake evolutions.

3 Nominations for Rapidash Evolution
2 Nominations for Spiritomb Evolution

User Info: Azure_Aura

4 years ago#37
5x nominations Zoroark
Ahh...the net is vast....

User Info: NightWatch177

4 years ago#38
Evolution should act like a Scizor to Scyther, just with a redistributed BST, HOWEVER, this BST would total the amount of Sableye's if Eviolite was just Sableye's base stats, if you get me.

So Sableye + Eviolite's equivalent BST = Sablevo's BST, but Sablevo would be more offensive.

And 5x noms to Heatmor.
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User Info: shrooboid313

4 years ago#39
I'd like to see this but none of the things on Devianart and in the links you posted are very good.
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User Info: HGpokes

4 years ago#40
5-dont care that much

hmm i guess i give 5 to zoroark (fighting/dark) evo.
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