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Worst pokemon ever?

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User Info: dragonsoldier

4 years ago#1
In my opinion it is Farfetch'd. It doesn't evolve into anything useful, its stats are horrible, pretty much the only usefull thing it does is that it can learn Fly.

I am just looking for opinions. What do you think the worst pokemon ever is? I actually like Farfetch'd's aesthetics and it is not my least favorite, but I just can't think of a reason anyone would ever use one.
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User Info: james009222

4 years ago#2
i love this site
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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#3
From: james009222 | #002

But Magikarp becomes Gyarados.
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User Info: ZERO2936

4 years ago#4
Luvdisc. One of the few pokemon I would murder given the opportunity.

User Info: overmaxx

4 years ago#5

**** Delibird.

User Info: FierceDeity1026

4 years ago#6

User Info: Hydra_Gundam_

4 years ago#7
FierceDeity1026 posted...
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User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#8
ThatKipp posted...
From: james009222 | #002

But Magikarp becomes Gyarados.

Magikarp =/= Gyarados
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User Info: ybro845

4 years ago#9
Hydra_Gundam_ posted...
FierceDeity1026 posted...

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#10
ybro845 posted...
Hydra_Gundam_ posted...
FierceDeity1026 posted...
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