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Why is your favorite pokemon your favorite?

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User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#51
Bumpers for opinions
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User Info: EnragedArcanine

4 years ago#52
acanine (obviously)

+ Dependable fire type
+ Stats spread even across the board, yet is in no way generic with any of it stats (to me)
+A fire type that can destro dragons just by raging at them
+ Carried my whole team from virbank to the end of post game without ever fainting once
+ Destroyed PWT witht he matches he was in
+ one of the first pokemon i ever saw with the first opening to the anime
+ Tornado legs during Extremespeed :)
+ Gary Mother-F-ing Oak owned one :P
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User Info: EnragedArcanine

4 years ago#53
Mis-spelled Arcanine..... -___-


...Fail on my part
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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#54
(Throws some names into a hat; pulls out Metagross)

- Great design
- Great color scheme
- Very good movepool
- Great stats
- Good type
- Great Shiny
- One of the few Pokemon of Gen III that I really like

And before someone says anything: I don't care about the meta game.
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User Info: FFnut

4 years ago#55

Not necessarily Black Kyurem or White Kyurem. Just regular Kyurem.

Represents null. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that most of the people who frequent this board are avid gamers. Most games take a split with clearly defined heroes and villains, usually represented by light and dark respectively. The most interesting combinations of that, however, are when light and dark join together to defeat a common foe. Normally, that foe is represented by null, because they don't usually want to "win" so much as "destroy everything." The final boss in FF3, where you have to save the Dark Warriors to get help in defeating it, is one example. Count Bleck in Super Paper Mario. Gerald Robotnik and the Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2. The list goes on, those are just some well-known examples off the top of my head. While light and darkness are normally equal-yet-opposite (look at Reshiram and Zekrom), null normally has no equal. After all, the negative of zero is still zero.

Also, it represents the concept of "mu." Mu represents a rejection of premise, a third option when only two are available. I find it fascinating that Black and White had a whole concept of duality and still included something that represents the third option.

My favorite type is ice, and it's an ice-type legendary (and the only one who isn't part of a minor trio, PLUS the only one to be a cover legendary). It's also the only Pokemon to be a cover legendary on more than one non-remake, and twice in the same generation.

To sum up, "mu" based frozen ice dragon in a generation heavily based on duality, and ends up being a cover legend for the first direct sequels.
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User Info: acety2

4 years ago#56
SpoinkRulezz posted...

I shouldn't have to explain that.

Yup nuff said also Umbreon love its design
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User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#57
Arcanine because
- He's a great fire type, and a great pokemon in general. Always great to have on my team.
- He's a legendary pokemon without being actually legendary like Mew and the rest.
- He's been with me since I started basically. Well, since I first caught a Growlithe and later evolved him.
- He's a canine, and canines are awesome.
- He just looks amazing.
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#58
Ferrothorn: My first shiny that I actually like the look of.
Gallade: An amazing alternate to Gardevoir.
Zangoose: Just looks like a tough dude who would carve you up in two seconds.
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User Info: Sebas27

4 years ago#59
Tyranitar: Loved how awesome and menacing it was in Pokemon4ever, and I also like the fact that its based off Godzilla. Hydreigon(current all-time favorite Pokemon): As I scrowled down the newly revealed Gen 5 dex on Serribi and came across Hydreigon, I instantly fell in love with the thing. Awesome design, unique typing, and pretty nice alternative battle style from the rest of the pseudo legends(sp.atk>atk.)
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