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I've NEVER seen a shiny.

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User Info: Thefatness16

4 years ago#11
I've caught 8, most of them in Pearl. 10 if we count red Gyarados, and the shiny Dratini Benga gives you.

User Info: brainfreeze10

4 years ago#12
My younger brother caught a shiny Zubat in LeafGreen when he was about 7. He didn't really get what it was but he refused to trade it to me. Then he deleted his game like a week later so he could restart and pick Charmander. So sad.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#13
I've never encountered any legit ones.
But I did use AR to see em'.

User Info: chezmstr3673

4 years ago#14
I used to be in this club until I found 2 in Black 2 ... Shiny Zubat (trained to crobat & in line up ) and a shiny clefairy a clefable.
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User Info: EpicYoshi801

4 years ago#15
Although I have seen 2 shinies, I've never owned any. I battled against a trainer with a shiny Exeggutor in PBR and found a shiny Starly in Pearl on my way to get my first Poké Balls. :(

User Info: Metalgenesis

4 years ago#16
I remember a shiny Ghastly in crystal. It wouldn't stay caught. Also shiny magby, cacnea, and cyndaquil. But dead batteries took those from me. :'-(
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User Info: cwf1701

4 years ago#17
i caught 3 wild (machop and Medicham in gen IV, Lillipup in gen V) and got several event shinies (the Johto dogs, Pichu, Gyarodos)

User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#18
I saw a shiny starly in Platinum. Stupid me didn't realize you could get pokeballs at the point I was at. I wanted to die...
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#19
From: TamerWoody22 | #001
I've been playing the game since RED. Red, Yellow, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, White, White 2. AND I'VE NEVER SEEN A SHINY.

But I feel like this would be common? Anyone else?

You didn't finish the games in bold, did you?

User Info: sonicqaz2

4 years ago#20
Ive got a shiny Liepard. At least it looks cool.
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