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Pokemon Spirit Signs.

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#131
Ah, Starsign Village. It used to be Poli's home.

But it was dead to him now.

Poli walked around amidst the chaos-ridden streets. Frost formed in the windows he passed.

He was looking for the Elder.

Poli passed an occupied house along the way.

That's odd. Everyone else abandoned ship here.

Ignoring it, Poli made way for the Ceremonial House.

Inside was the Elder.

"Well well, how fitting. The child of mayhem returning at the village's most dire time. Leave."

Poli ignored him and browsed the books.

"You were exiled. Why do you risk your life ret-"

Poli froze the Elder. Age has made you only more chattier...and more annoying. He returned to his task. Bah, where's the info I need?

Kyurem spoke. It must be here. The location of the tower. Where you will learn of your situation.

Nothing. Browsed them all. Might as well just look.

Kyurem: That would be unwise. The tower disappears from those looking. It must be found with the spirit. You hold such spirit.

Why do you want to see this tower anyways?

You will due time.

A blast of water hit my right shouler. Or would have, had it not froze by my aura. I looked back, eyeing a Suicune.

"Who are you, monster? I am TableFlip, Bearer of the Sign of Suicune!" It declared.

Hmmph, how foolish.

Kyurem: A Bearer of Suicune? Those aren't common.

"Who are you calling foolish?" can understand my thoughts?

"Yes, I can. Now I'm asking again, who are yo-what?"

TableFlip looked down to find himself frozen to the floor.

I drew near. I saw him shiver.

Let's just say I was a Sign Bearer like you.

"Un-unfreeze me!"

The Ice will thaw out in due time. Au revoir.

I walked outside, looked for Jabba, and, furious at his absence, layered the village with ice. Just a warning.

I shifted into Kyurem, then took off to return for my tundra home. As I flew over the mountain the village resides in, I spotted a group on a cliff.

How charming.

I flew north.
Obey the Queen

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#132
Tableflip:Well,this is nice...

Suicune:Well,now's the time to practice your transformations.

Tableflip:How do I do it?


He concentrated and shifted back and forth from human to suicune.

Suicune:Look at the floor.

Tableflip stared at the floor and the ice was in the pattern of suicune's torso. Since Tableflip was currently human,he slipped out of the ice.

Suicune:There you go.

Tableflip walked into a nearby forest.

Jabba:Hey! Can you unfreeze the villiage?

Tableflip couldn't hear them,so he continued to walk into the forest.

Suicune:What are you doing?

Tableflip:Well,you know how you're my spirit pokemon?


Tableflip:Well,there has to be an Entei and Raikou person out there.I should belong in a pack with my brethren.


They stared at a pond and electricity was jolting in the water.

???:Help! I'm drowning!

Tableflip rushed to help the person.

Suicune:Be carefull. That water is electrified.

Tableflip morphed into suicune and used the power of wind to move the water out of the pond.

A Raikou was lying there,passed out.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#133
This is actually pretty popular :)

I know this is late, but my weapon: A katana
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#134
R.I.P. MovesLikeJabba who died at the hand of the mods-November 29, 2012~January 17, 2013

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#135
OcarinaofToast posted...

oh I was hoping you could decide where to go next....
Warning! this post may cause severe laughter. viewer discretion is advised...... read it, it's funny!

User Info: Ambi3ntT3ch

4 years ago#136
I got it

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#137
Poli returned to his cave by the Frozen Mountains.

Exhausted, he walked deeper into the cave complex, until he reached a bubbling hot spring. He unclothed, and stepped in.

He relaxed as the warm water seeped into his skin.

Kyurem: What were you like before our Spirit Fusion?

You mean back when I lived at the village? I was a Sign Mentor. I taught the new Sign Bearers how to use their abilities.

Kyurem: And what of this kid you mentioned, Jabba?

He's the child of one of my most prized apprentices. Years ago, she and I were close friends. Naturally she'd want to learn under my wing.

Anyways, she married this guy who's Spirit Pokemon was a Bisharp. They had a kid, and called him Jabba.

The night you told me to head here, was the night before the day I would get to see Jabba.

Kyurem: I see.

When he would get his Spirit Sign and awaken his Spirit Pokemon, she wanted him to learn under me. I wanted to see my future student. Then you happened.

Kyurem: Hmm. That is saddening. But unfortunately Fate does not care for emotions. I should know, when Fate dictated the separation of me and my brothers Zekrom and Reshiram.

As we conversed, I spotted an object deeper in the cave. Curious, I dried off and got dressed, and went to investigate.

What's this?

I held up a strange device. It looked kinda like a Rocket Launcher. Examining it, I saw a place to fit my righr arm in. I did so.

The device activated, and I felt a small pain in my arm. I saw ice blue lines extend from the device and up my arm.

It then vaporized, leaving a line pattern from my Sign that traveled up my arm, and ended at the ice that kept my jaw shut.

Kyurem: I remember now...Zekrom was working on an item that bonded with the wearer's molecular structure. It would concentrate our powers into a beam, and was intended for the Bearers that we would Spirit Fuse with.

So, since me and you are one, if I used that thing, it would fire a beam of Ice energy?

Kyurem: Indeed. These were designed to help give our Spirit Fusers defense.

Come to think of it, you never explained the difference between a Sign Bearer and a Spirit Fuser.

Kyurem: Sign Bearers are simply beings that spiritually bond with Pokemon. Spirit Fusers are those rare few chosen by Legends to spiritually bond. Spirit Fusers take on characteristics of their respective Legend.

So that's why I'm partially frozen and have your freezing aura?

Kyurem: Indeed.
Obey the Queen

User Info: Ambi3ntT3ch

4 years ago#138
Ambi looks hopelessly at the paper as people run by chasing Mephistoles and sits down leaning back against the wall, he tries to catch some sleep but is interrupted by a villager.

Villager: 'Have you got a spirit pokemon?'
Ambi frowns unsure what actually happened when those people turned to ash: 'I..uh I don't know"
The villager grabs his hand and turns it over: 'A spirit sign.' The villagers yells back over his shoulder: 'HEY, I found one!' The villager turns back to Ambi who is in his spirit form.

The villager backs off and then turns and runs, Ambi calmly moves past him towards his care home. Once here he switches back, having somehow gained full control of his abilities, he has no time to wonder, he grabs the bare essentials, some food and drink, bedding and some other things that his parents left him, being big Ambi easily dealt with the weight. He headed far from the village to find somewhere safe, meanwhile the somewhat smart part of him wondered whether this was all due to Mephistoles (sorry if wrong) and also how he even came across his powers seeing as Sam had obviously been lieing.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#139
willingmess posted...
OcarinaofToast posted...

oh I was hoping you could decide where to go next....

Hm... I might :/
R.I.P. MovesLikeJabba who died at the hand of the mods-November 29, 2012~January 17, 2013

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#140
I was going to give you a more detailed version of Pryce's side, but because we're going on a road trip, and have to leave in a hurry, I'll have to give you the condensed version.

Jabba told Pryce everything he knew about the Spirit Signs, and offered him the couch. Pryce turned it down in the nicest way possible, saying that he was more comfortable outside, having slept without a home for eight years.

He then woke up to the carnage, investigated, and found Mephy on a rooftop (after said demon was chased off by villagers and Pendragon). Pryce then decided to confront him himself, and take revenge for destroying the only source of knowledge he found in eight years.

But before the fight could begin, Mephy pointed out that Jabba was being dragged away by Will. He then thought that they could look for answers about the Spirit Signs together, since they both had questions.

But before he went after them, he pointed a gun at the goth's head, and said a promise.

"Next time we meet, one of us isn't gonna walk away."

He then went after Jabba and Will, saying that he was tagging along. Jabba was confused, and Pryce said that since they were both looking for answers, they were better off cooperating. Will was a little suspicious of the still-stranger, but Pryce pointed out that he hasn't done anything to betray their trust. He also pointed out that they were heading off into the wild world, a place Pryce has known for eight years. Jabba and Will then agree to let Pryce tag along, though Will more reluctantly than Jabba.
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