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Pokemon moves becoming stronger the more you use them.

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User Info: SomeLikeItHoth

4 years ago#1
I can't remember the base power of Ember, but lets say It's 50. Now my little Charmander only knows Ember, and he uses that move from level 7 - 16. By the time he gets to level 16, the power has already gone from 50 >>> 65. Yay or nay?
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User Info: FrankIin

4 years ago#2
Yep. Some moves are just way cooler than others to use, even if less powerful!

User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#3
Maybe they could make one move for each type, and you could customize it?

Set up the Power, Accuracy, PP and maybe an added effect, but you have to keep them balanced and you can only teach each type move once.
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User Info: Mesmeril

4 years ago#4
Sounds interesting, except make new moves that pertain to that effect. One could be called Bravery something and the other Coward something. The brave move would get stronger the more you use them and at the end of everything, it's BP could be 100 or something. And the Coward move would be the more you use less with BP at 100 in the end?

Reminds me of Final Fantasy Brave Blade and Chicken Knife.

User Info: UltraCantaloupe

4 years ago#5
Hey, thanks for reading this! It took me a while to type it out.

User Info: CarbideTitan

4 years ago#6
Can I offer you a drink? How about this expensive prostitute?

User Info: Pikaley

4 years ago#7
isnt the new mystery dungeon trying a mechanic similar to this?

give me a min ill see if i can link it from serebii

edit: source:

Move Levels

A brand new feature to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is the inclusion of move levels. Each time you successfully use a move, it will increase a bar in a counter by it. This will indicate the power. After it has filled the bar three times, it will level up, as indicated by roman numerals above it. When a move has leveled up, it is increased in power, accuracy and PP.

sounds kind of what your original idea was
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#8
CarbideTitan posted...

I lol'd.
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  3. Pokemon moves becoming stronger the more you use them.

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