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The World Gets Changed Into Poke'mon X Part 5! (TWG CIP X-5!)

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#1
Where are you? - Results (49 votes)
Other Interest option that I didn't think to put in.
10.2% (5 votes)
High interest.
14.29% (7 votes)
Still interested.
8.16% (4 votes)
Losing Interest.
22.45% (11 votes)
I want a redo button.
6.12% (3 votes)
I want another Reset Button.
2.04% (1 votes)
Why didn't the Easy button work?
8.16% (4 votes)
What will Cross over next?!
2.04% (1 votes)
Will we ever meet the characters that contaminated the water in the first place?
16.33% (8 votes)
<3 RS Scientist.
10.2% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This is a continuation of this thread:
In which registered users participate in progressing the main story to new depths and plot devices.

The general rules are:

* Each new participating user can start off with a small summery on how they become a pokemon.
* Each post should end in a way that can easily be picked up by other users.
* After a poster is done with their part of the story, anyone participating can pick it up at any time.

[I can add more, if there's a reasonable request]

The story takes place after the group from pollutes the world's drinking water supply with Mio.

Because of me giving up on recaps on the past topic(Horrible decision btw), I couldn't handle all the complexity that was happening in the overall plot, so this will be the first thread that just has a description of where the characters are, after the end of the last one.

The current groups are:

Digital Purgatory group:

Jabba the Fenniken
Aaron the Turtwig
Altair the Oshowatt
Gubbey the Beheeyem
Mark the Missigno
Astral the Fan Rotom
Event the Victini
Changlini the Maractus
Serah the Palkia + Quatral + ????
Twocant the salamence.
Bane the Typhlosion
Chack the Keldeo
A Verizon.

Digi-Cresselia and the Porygon army.

Currently on a Mission to confront Cresselia, but most of them decided to have a campfire in a digital cave. However, Uka freezes up, freaking Falsefer out, and the man runs for an exit with her in arm(Passing by a Cresselia.). In the cave, Gubbey wants to be left alone after Aaron tried to comfort him.

Mirror world group:

Polimario the Genesect(now legend status).

Basically, after destroying Dark mind(and most of the kirby bosses that throwback threw in) in the mirror world, they all find themselves stuck from ever escaping the mirror due to Event's crash with the mirror on the other side, breaking it. They now are searching for someone or something to help them out, so they can return to the main group.

TableFlip's group

Willingmess the ?????
TableFlip the Lugia.
Bri the Ho-Oh.
Pete the Farfetch'd
Aqua the Suicune?
Selena the Kingdra/Metroid hybrid?

The 'evil' Rashiram Scientist.

TableFlip and Bri, find themselves trapped by the Rashiram Scientist, who then experiments on them, turning the two into a Luga and Ho-ho. Then when Willingmess and Pete find them, they decide to release the two lovers and fly off away from the Rashiram Scientist.

6Bananza's group

6Bananza the Articuno
Carly the Shiny charizard.
TableFlip's brother who was turned into a Rashiram.
Josh the suicune
Angel the Suicune
James the Raikou?


They currently find themselves inside the Distortion world, after Giratina came in and transported them there.

?????? Group:

0ne the Weavile.
Jigglypuff the scientist behind finding Polimario.
Crow the Quilfish
Onix of Altair.

Currently, 0ne is being held captive by the Jigglypuff, while finding out that an Angry Crow joined the pink creature due to being left behind from the main group.


Although this single post from me, compared to the summaries I've been able to conjure up in the past, may surely disappoint most(especially after all that time I used up, only getting one summary done, and the rest not even half way.), I will bring myself back together, and make sure I start to do the recaps again to avoid another... this.

Well then, let's continue.

(Tell me what I missed.)

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#2
Yay! I voted the second to last option!

I'm logging off for now though.

See you later, I will surely read what people post!
R.I.P. MovesLikeJabba who died at the hand of the mods-November 29, 2012~January 17, 2013

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#3
On the second to last option, the answer is we will, just have to read where they were left off.

Now about the Easy button... Generally, the Reset button that the hard hitters used in the last topic drained the energy pool that is what makes them able to do what they do. See, even though the reset button uses less doable energy, it's the fact that it was used multiple times with little delay between usages, that it basically had to use massive amounts of energy to not overheat(Which would be catastrophic.).

Which then left the Easy button, which requires an even greater amount of energy to make things greatly easier, with little to no room to work with. Basically causing the one that Uka had back in the ship to not work when she pressed it to help her understand the poke'mon, resulting with it saying "Can't do easy " when pressed.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#4
(I guess I'll start us up then.)

back in the dark cave of neverending despair, selena is getting aquainted with her new form

selena: ..... why?

jelly: cause you need protecting silly =)

selena: oh well can we go find my family now?

jelly: but aren't I enough family for you?

selena: ... well yes, but wouldn't you like to see your "grandparents"?

jelly: ooh sounds like fun! but first on the way, we need to make a few pit-stops, we aren't done growing yet. and I'd hate to see you get hurt again....

selena: ok.... whatever makes you feel happy.

with that, the two set off in search of selena's family, all the while jelly is draining more energy.....
Warning! this post may cause severe laughter. viewer discretion is advised...... read it, it's funny!

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#5
R.I.P. MovesLikeJabba who died at the hand of the mods-November 29, 2012~January 17, 2013

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#6
I'm starting to lose interest TBQH. If I quit,just controll my character.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#7
TableFlip posted...
I'm starting to lose interest TBQH. If I quit,just controll my character.

Understandable, just tell us when you stop.

During the fire gathering, the gray-ish green Maractus was still pondering how Altair got to them despite basically being in another world. But then, Changlini sees a strange block, covered with light bluish green gems, embedded within a cave wall a good distance from the group.

After glancing over to an alone Gubbey, he decided to hop over to take a closer look at the block, to find that it could be poked multiple times to have it shrink and be easy to carry.

Huh, I wonder if this entire cave could be poked into tiny pieces?
Maybe I should talk to Mark, the next time I see it with Aaron..

The maractus then placed the small block within the bag and continued to hop back towards the campfire.


Meanwhile, a loony Falsefer continues to speed across the digital plain, through the endless amount of floating islands that ranged from Freezing to Fiery temperatures, past multiple combinations of Poke'mon created by Mark, and dodging a suspicious Cresselia as he carries the taped up frozen Uka.

But within her frozen body, the lady in striped red is taken far inside her subconsciousness. Seeing herself be placed on a decrepit platform with symbols of a high grade Camera, a Paddle, a book, along with the images of a sitting Grunt holding a sword on the top left of the platform, while looking down towards a Tyranitar and Maractus staring at the lady in grey enveloped in a white sphere, as they all stare at a small black figure that has black veins coming out, going into all the cracks that are on the platform.

...Ugh, my head...
Wait, wasn't I just talking to Falsefer?
How the h--

Before she can finish the thought, a rift materializes, spewing out a button.

.. Isn't that the--wait, I probably have to place it somewhere, but where?!

She continues to ponder the situation.


But back on the island,
An angry grunt awaits,
for the calming news,
on where the rifts,
await to be sealed.

Pixy---"We've successfully loaded the remaining fire-crafts with the contaminated water!"
VG-----"What about Fed-Up?"
Pixy---"Look up."

The grunt looks up, seeing three strange beams come out of the mountain, where Uka's headquarters once rested on, and the marker in front of the LOR. The dark face of the grunt soon lit up with an angry smile.

It is starting...

VG-----"Pixy, I want you to do something special."
Pixy---"I don't think I have powers."
VG-----"Not that, get on the crafts with Lucy, Hall, and the few grunts that have been trained to work alongside the impure pokemon of this island. I'm going to green lit operation Treasure Burner."

VG----------"Oh, and Benard."
VG-----------"Find the whereabouts of DST subject 9.0.3"
Benard-----"Why? He hasn't caused any trouble within that region, and probably has already turned."
VG-----------"That's exactly why."


[Just as an FYI, Bri and TableFlip have become shadow poke'mon.]

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#8
When willingmess and pete defeated Bri and Tableflip,their hearts unlocked,but there was still a final lock that made them shadow pokemon.


Tableflip:I think so...are you Bri?

Bri:I'm not sure but I think so.

Tableflip:I feel like we've met each other...


The two did not have their full memory back until the final lock was undone.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#9
[EITS Filler]

Back in the hostile vacuum,
the EITS searched,
until something caught,
their watchful eye.

Inside the relatively sized space station, the crew was hard at work in placing a location, an action, and a threat meter on each rift they found. While they all continued to work within the small work space, Watcher stood next to a grunt overlooking the view of the planet.

Hmm, something about the glow of that planet is unusual.
But.. the debris from the other invading stations, where did they go?
Will we be hit by them?

Watcher--------"Okay, so rift 8 is doing that, while rift 4.2 is revealing this. What's the status on rift 2?"
EITS Grunt-----"Watcher, you know about the mas purge of the Metroid Signals?"
Watcher---------"Yes, I also recorded the location of the beast, before the tracker was terminated, what is it?"
EITSG------------"There seems to be a similar signal being emitted.. uh, over here."
Watcher---------"Well, is it growing in quantity?"
EITSG------------"No, but this seems... different from the old signals. It's sorta growing in size at a slow pace."
Watcher---------"All right, be sure to get one of the scopes to keep track of it, and have the others search for 9.0.3."


Back in the digital Cave, while Altair was telling the group how she got to them over the strangely warm fire that slowly spewed out pixels of flames up towards the roof of the cave, the Maractus was calmly sitting next to the perfectly shaped, gem embedded block he poked out of the wall.

Huh, despite Aaron's explanations, I'm still wondering how I can feel everything within this digital realm. I mean, it just boggles my mind. But, maybe I should put this block back in the wall...

After pondering it further, Changlini takes another glance at the alone Gubbey.

What's wrong with him? He's acting shyer then usual, maybe if I gave him this block he'd get a better mood... But I'd probably make it worse if I came into his zone.

"Changlini! You're missing Altair's amazing story!" Shouted Jabba, as he was trying to find out where Changlini went to. But before the Maractus could respond, Jabba saw the block.

Jabba-----"Hey, where did you get that?"

Changlini----"Oh, the block? From that wall over there, I can take you there if you want."


The two then proceeded to explore deeper within the cave.


But all the while, Treasure Burner was in progress. Through the thunderous storm, and the quite night, Lucy Lu flew one of the fire crafts towards the lush Sinnoh region. On their way to Canalave city, the crew saw fires spreading throughout the broken land below them.

Pixy-----"Wow, what's causing the chaos down there?"

Engine Grunt(Same one from way back when)---"Didn't you read up on what was happening?! The impure poke'mon are battling against the normal poke'mon for dominance."

"First it was just over the already made food and shelter left over by the human population before they turned, now it has spread beyond that. The hardened abused trainer poke'mon were the first to take advantage of the situation, winning battles against the impure ones, taking over housing and such."

Pixy------"While others banded together with the impure poke'mon to try to maintain a sense of normality within isolated towns and cities, don't think I don't know my stuff."

EG-------"Just be quick in what you're going to do once we land in the water near the library. I don't want to be in an exploding machine just because you took too long doing your mission."


Lucy landed the craft, as the others proceeded to different regions for their mission.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#10
Yay, it's back ^_^

I'll make a part in a while.

By the way, I'm still highly interested.
Official Beheeyem of the Pokemon X/Y boards ^_^
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