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The World Gets Changed Into Poke'mon X Part 5! (TWG CIP X-5!)

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#221
Benard was the first to wake in his now warming suit, seeing the buetifully haunting view of poke'planet right in front of him. Then the horrifying fact sinks in, that at any moment, he will disintegrate by the friction from his fall through the atmosphere. In his scared mind, he is teminded of the speech a pilot gave to him in his girlfriend's funeral.

What are we?


An honor bestowed upon those who fight and die within the background. Bestowed upon those who are viewed as merely unnecessary secondary characters, yet try their best to stand up for the many others who will remain nameless. We ARE the nameless grunts who sacrifice themselves for a worthless cause manufactured by a decieving leader! We are ones who are not remembered, the ones who will always remain within the shadows of those who've gain glory..

..As I angrily stand in front of the grave of my second daughter, the daughter who was killed at the hands of one of many impure poke'mon, as she went above and beyond the call to defend the land of the setting sun, while the ones who abused their powers on her, the ones who now have names because of the expendable personnel that gave their lives in saving the evacuators, have their pathetic names on a plack that mocks her life to this very day!


Now go save the ones that are not.

After re-hearing Kucy Lu's version if the expandable pledge, Bernard gains Lucy's defiance, and lunges towards Kubaku.

Bernard---"We're going to die an insulting death if you don't tether us back up, or slow our decent down to one mile per five hours, now move it!"

Kobaku is pushed back upwards into the now bright vacuum above the planet, while Bernard heads for Mola.

If only this didn't happen to us every year..

Kobaku sees a rapidly drifting Farce heading towards a crash course with a barely stable EITS with such force, that impact would destroy the hard work done by all who live inside the massive satillite.

"Not on my watch."

Kobaku then uses his remaining thruster fuel to boost him towards the same speed as the sleeping man comet, while Bernard gets Mola to wake up from her now hot decent.

Mola------"I'd like it if I was still knocked out!"
Bernard--"Shut it, and activate your thruster pack before we turn into melting ice cream!"

They do, but it wasn't enough. They were only able to delay the inevitable from happening, until something interesting happened. A white stream of light envelopes the two, as they continue to rapidly fall through the atmosphere, spinning out of control as they break the sound barrier. The EITS was paying to much attention to its positioning to be any use to Zukabu and Farce.

Dady?.. Promise me that you will come back to see me become a trainer..

Farce awakens, only for his body to smash within the closing cargo depot for the station. His body starts to swell up due to the the pressure, but before he dies a painful death, a beam of light gets absorbed into him, stopping the swelling, but not the need for air.

But as the group finish their troubles within space, a Maractus finds himself seeing two monsters lay waste to the plain.

Johnson----"You know why."

Just then, 9.0.3 turns to the Tyranitar, crippling his legs, as he approaches him the black weapon that Johnson used to try to kill the child years ago. But with Fed-up complete, a Spacial portal appears before the grunt rummaging through photos.

He sees the infernal boy, the lady, and Johnson dragging himself away from the chaos.

"It seems as the painting has made a circle.."

He lays down the photos, and grabs his sword. Only to then continue to run through the portal, knowing what he will do.

User Info: ChackNorris7

4 years ago#222
Bazinga! *dives into ballpit*
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#223
[I'd wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't mention that Uka was totally out of character in the ending.]
[Gonna add something about it in the next post.]

---During the Cresselia battle---
(Explaining how Uka got out of the Digital Purgatory..)

Aaron and Mark were combining their powers within Digital Purgatory, causing most of the Porygon to become permanently corrupted. Mark then changed their coding in such a way, that they then turned into health items for Bane and Chack, who were lashing away at the Cresselia.

Changlini, trying to formulate a course of action that would help the team from a distance, saw two humans laying on the digital ground. One was horribly distorted by pixelation(Making the Maractus be struck with a horrific feeling of horror) , while the other in black was slowly getting turned into light pixels, to fade within the purgatory forever.

But as Changlini went up to check up on both of them, just as Event launches a V-Create to the Digital being, incinerating the remaining Porygon into code. The red tape around Uka tears entirely apart, destroying the distortion that sealed her within. As the battle went on, Uka stood up, giving one final, long look at Falsefer's digitizing body.

Knowing that the man will be forever within his true fear, that being his reward for saving her, because of her... The white lady within a black aurora then brings one of her now shivering hands on to the body of the Historian, forcing what's left of him to shoot a pixelised ball of energy into the ground with her right hand, forming a portal opening within the field of flowers where 9.0.3 resides.

I.. I can't let her do that..

The maractus follows the lady into the the portal, becoming temporarily paralyzed by the shock of rapidly changing between two forms of existence. As he lay on the ground, seeing the ark coming down inside a force of red flames in the day like night sky, he feels that a familiar force is fading.


Genesect, I remember back when you attacked Jabba and myself for that pendant. Who knew that it would eventually lead you to joining us in our aimless journey in following Kyurem, through the tower where Rayguaza waited for us, against the mechanical forces of Throwback, even in Uka's failed attempt to recover her island..

I remember when we first found you, even though you were dead, you always had this aurora of great potential..

..And now that I feel that you are fading, I will lend you the power that helped me throughout this journey, power that helped me along Uka's path to glory, the same power that helped me go through the great pain in being next to Kyurem, I will lend you my will..

For you, and the members of Skeleton crew need it more than me..
.. A damaged Maractus, that finally saw everything, even what's going to happen.. Along with a superior that I will always look up for guidance, that the island devision I was placed to keep watch of, looked up for guidance through the terrible things we did..

For even as I fail to help Uka, to prevent her from becoming the monster I see before me now, I will forgive her, and try to stop her. The same way you should try to stop whoever is causing you to fade.

For as a young aspiring pilot once told me before, I am expendable, but you are not... have to live.

The oval orb that accompanied him through half the adventure, started to pulsate, making the Maractus feel his will fading from him. Then, after the cactus poke'mon saw a Tyranitar jump out of a large aircraft, the blinding light from the EITS being in position engulfs everyone, opening the portal into the legendary plain. The lady within a black aurora started to punch 9.0.3, activating him.

Making the Maractus regret lending his will to Polimario, as he knows that he is now unable to try to stop the lady as a consequence.

/|continued later|\

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#224
Epilogue part 5 out of ??

Within another universe, ten people within a dark room lit by computer monitors were discussing the situation.

"Their reality is phasing in and out of two different versions coinciding with each other, we suspect that it's being caused by equipment made by what they call the Department of Special Technologies."

"Will it affect us?"

"The storm has disappeared, so no. But, there's no telling on what can happen after two realities combine into one. It could kill them all."

"Then we will witness history, won't we?"

[Are we dead? Or are we just living in the Legendary plain for now?]

---Back in the Legendary plain---

An unusually calm Uka was standing next to Falsefer, as they replayed the strange event that brought their journey to an end all around them, within a Gothic room. After a few minutes replaying up to the point where the Ark crashes into a body of water, the Lady thinks out loud.

Uka--------"I never laugh in response to finding out a surprise, something's wrong.."
Falsefer---"Keep in mind that your mortal brain deteriorated to that of a ten year old, after that DST chip short-circuited from me activating you. Guess that flash of light did something to your corrupted personality, when we were taken to here."
Uka---------"Well then, I think I should have a word with Arceus. Changlini, stay with Falsefer to discover what exactly happened back there."

Uka walks out of the Gothic room, and outside into a gleaming field of strange grass. Arceus then appears before her.

Uka-------"I have a number of questions I'd like to have answers to."
Arceus--"Then tell me."
Uka------"First one has been clouding my thoughts lately.. It's about how we got here."
Uka-------"It almost seems that despite Fed-Up in prime form, your powers could still defy DST's planned and calculated precaution. I mean, there's just something no-"

She sees the veteran grunt slowly materialize out of thin air, while running to slash his sword with something.

Brigand--"You think we would let the powers of Arceus stop us from realizing this plan?"

The legendary plain has its background combine into both a state of decrepitude, and the lush environmental mesh of holy buildings and fields. 9.0.3 is using what appears to be a black device within his hands emitting large electronic bursts to distort reality, while legendary Poke'mon of all kind watch him. Then she sees the Maractus, and a tyranitar being dragged by two people within black and white armor. But above all else, she sees herself with a blank look, staring at the unfolding event.

Uka----"But, why is this still happening?"
Cast---"Think this, why are you doing nothing?"

As the Pure Lady was looking at her choices, back in space, EITS stood watch as it was holding position.

Watcher---"What's happening? The crashing ship seems to have switched course into that body of water. Wait, why is the twilight storm slowing down?!"
EITSG------"Seems like we have a breach with reality, we may need to join all striped suits together to fix this.. But-"
Watcher---"If we don't, we risk the collapse of our reality."
Farce-------"Send us down."

Zukabu and Farce were both placed within a small two manned space craft, giving one final briefing, and launched.

Farce------"What are we?"
Farce------"And what will we do?"
Zukabu----"We will fade, while others are glorified."
Farce------"For we're above the need for glory."

They dropped through the atmosphere, and into the plain.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#225
Man, I wish I could write awesomely like you, Changlini. I'm envious :P
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User Info: ChackNorris7

4 years ago#226
Gubbey posted...
Man, I wish I could write awesomely like you, Changlini. I'm envious :P

Me too. I can barely write at all.
Bazinga! *dives into ballpit*
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#227

Poli woke to a bright light.

Poli: "Urgh...huh? W...where am I?"

The Genesect awoke to find himself in a cloudy realm. Regaining his bearings, he walked about, trying to piece together why he was still alive.

He saw a pink, plaful cat-like Pokemon. Noticing Poli and his confusion, it flew over.

???: "Hai! I'm Mew. Arceus told me you'd be here!"
Poli: "And where exactly is here?"
Mew: "Silly, you're in the Judgement Realm. The place all good Pokemon go when life wisps away like these clouds."

The came back to Poli. The fight with Yami. Making sure the Ark didn't destroy the world. Everything.

Poli: "That's right...I died to ensure that Ark didn't ruin the world we care about."
Mew: "You are correct. The Ark of Yamato..."

Mew spun around, and resumed.

Mew: "We were surprised when we heard it was on a collision course for our world. Arceus looked for a being worthy of his Divine power."
Poli: "You knew? How?"
Mew: "Legends are more connected than you think. Arceus got word from another dimension's sun goddess, Amaterasu."
Poli: "The same dimension that Ark originated from?"
Mew: "Yes."

Poli floated upwards, suddenly lost in thought.

Poli had a worried look on his face.

Poli: "What happened to them? Uka, Pendragon, Jabba, all of them?"

Mew giggled.

Mew: "Follow me!"

Mew and Poli soared up, high in the sky, and entered a bright white door.

The scene below them changed from cloudly to a large, floating landmass. On it were Poli's friends, and Arceus.

Mew: "Deceased Pokemon that enter the Judgement Realm exist in a reality that normal beings cannot see. In the terms of the living, you are a spirit."
Poli: "What about you? Are you one as well?"

Mew laughed.

Mew: "Oh you. I'm not dead. I can choose weither people can see me or not. There's a reason I'm called a mirage."
Poli: "Oh. Sorry."
Mew: "No hard feelings."

Arceus looked up, and stared at Mew and Poli, nodded, and returned to his original actions.

Poli: "D...did he see us?"
Mew: "Yes. Arceus sees all. He acknowledged your bravery, and his wise decision to entrust you with some of his power."

Mew waggled its finger, and the two teleported back to the cloudy realm.

Mew: "That's the gist of it. Take that door to the right to meet the other spirits. You've earned it. Ciao!"

Mew rippled and disappeared, leaving Poli alone.

Poli walked for the door, summing up his life.

I got to meet Jabba and Changlini. The Sky Tower adventure. Quelling the Grand Satanic Master of All Things Bad, and Nachos That Don't Agree with Your Insides. Uka's Island. Crossover Chaos and a Resetti Button. Digital Purgatory. The Mirror World. The fight with Yami.

My sacrifice.

Poli thought through all these events, summing up his recent escapades. He stopped at the door.

"Uka...if you hear this...make sure the future is bright. For the sake of everyone. For those that are expendable...for those that aren't. For our friends. For our allies.

For us."

Poli looked up with a fulfilled look, and stepped inside the Door of Spirits.

A step for the future.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#228
ChackNorris7 posted...
Gubbey posted...
Man, I wish I could write awesomely like you, Changlini. I'm envious :P

Me too. I can barely write at all.

Knowing that currently, I am not able to draw many of the things that I imagine, in exact detail, color, and presentation.. Didn't stop me from drawing an adventure. Where countless main characters will remain nameless, within the countless calendar notebooks schools gave me.

I still, and will always believe that you can make a respectable post for your character, as I try to finish the epilogues for the lady, and her team that will always look up to her for guidance...

Cast--"As we see the picture that Cyrus drew within his exile come to creation, as I see you frozen by the pressure to react, I will tell you a secret. Back inside the universe I still reside in, I lay hospitalized within a bed, my dreams being tampered by that ghostly looking creature you call a Darkrai(Is it me, or is this poke'mon showing up where it really counts?). It's making me appear before you now, along with the help of a pink and blue crescent being, as what you call a Gardevoir. For strangely, it is what you represent in another realm."

"I can hear the cries of my husband, as his medical team tries desperately to keep me alive, to keep me from becoming a soul trapped within my body, to keep me from becoming snow.. But I know I must go through this pain, for it is the only way I can talk to the real you. The confused, and battered young woman that held on to her dream, the only thing that could give her the strength to move forward through the terrible things that happened because of her, the thing that prevents you from breaking down right now to cry from the confusion, like what that grunt will do once you take action."

"close your eyes."

Polimario--"Uka...if you hear this...make sure the future is bright. For the sake of everyone. For those that are expendable...for those that aren't. For our friends. For our allies.

For us."

Within the distorted space with the members of S-Crew, her friends, the boy, and herself. As the countless grunts, and impure grunt poke'mon deal with the normal yet, ever present chaos that is enveloping the rest world outside. After countless arguments with herself, after reviewing the countless points she made against, and for the decision..

She takes action.

For she will not wait for someone to make the decision for her, she will start the chain reaction that will cause closure to her, by her own hand..

Uka gains control over her old body, her mind now that of a ten year old.

I, why is he swinging a gray stick?

The Veteran grunt is now inches away from the child, about to stab 9.0.3 with the sword that Uka gave him for always following her. When the grunt is thrusting his sword through the air, a very familiar voice calls someone.

"Pff-pffair- Pherich?"

The grunt stops, pushing his sword in a position to slash the child. He seems to be preventing himself, restraining his anger, causing his arm and sword to shake wildly as if the powers of restraint are working at full force against the will to kill the boy.

The woman sees the face of the grunt, it's lit up like a fuse about to blow, his expression is like an angry father about to give a lashing to his son, his eyes are angrily staring through the boy before him.

She sees herself in his face, she sees herself crying at herself for showing restraint, for her stopping what she always wanted to do. The grunt regains what's left of his composure, holding the boy in his hands, taking away the device, and giving it to Bernard, as reality starts to crumble around them.

[Cast, and S-Crew will then take action in the next part.]
[To be continued..]

User Info: Throwback2780

4 years ago#229
Well, about to make the registration topic. the name will be "Pokemon: Type Islands"

Ciao! *Teleports*
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#230
This is merely a bump.
(Waiting for Chack to post when he's finished, so I could continue to end the Epilogue thing..)
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