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Create/Upgrade/Nerf a move!

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User Info: pafbonk

4 years ago#21
-Spore: Anything but 100% accuracy

(Seriously, how is Breloom not in ubers yet? He's broken as f*** with spore/focus punch/substitute)

-Rock slide: 100% accuracy

Rock has terrible moves because they always miss.
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User Info: Shadow_Navi_EX

4 years ago#22
Now recycles the items of all the team (Heal Bell style)

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#23
All 2-Turn moves drop their charge turn, except for Solarbeam.

There. Kyurem-B now has reliable Physical Ice STAB.
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#24
Stealth Rock: so that it does the same as Spikes
Fly: So that it traps an enemy during the invulnerable phase
Dragon Flare: First turn: does an attack with 20 base power that will always burn the opponent.
Second turn: deals 100 base power Dragon damage with 95% accuracy. Exclusive to Charizard and Reshiram... Because it makes sense for it to be.

You can see which pokemon I'd like to help out here. Except for the last move, I just think its a cool idea.
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User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#25
If GF wanted to be awesome trolls they could buff Rage so it goes up by 150 power each time its used with no max power. Since it also increases Atk when the user is hurt it could go from most useless move to very broken.
"The most important thing is to never stop questioning." -Albert Einstein.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#26
I upgrade Techno Blast so that it has a BST of 100, PP of 10, and Genesect gets STAB from it.
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User Info: UpturnedFurball

4 years ago#27
They need to fix double kick. The animation shows the pokemon kicking 4 times.

User Info: jmtl

4 years ago#28
Final Attempt
Dark, Physical
Power: 30
Acc: 85
BP: 5
Priority: -5
Only works if the user faints this turn as a result of an attack. The move targets the Pokemon who made it faint.

Dark, Physical
Power: --
Acc: 100
BP: 5
The attack's power is the amount of money held by the user's trainer divided by 75000. If the Pokemon has no trainer or has been abandoned, the move considers the power to be 0.

Steel Aura
Steel, Effect
Power: N/A
Acc: N/A
BP: 10
The user's team is treated as having Steel as a secondary type for five turns. If a Pokemon is dual-typed, the second type is overwritten, unless the first type is Steel.
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