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Bruce Wanye's Wedlocke Challenge!

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User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#1
Since we have got 8 months to wait for these games, I thought I'd have some fun and do a wedlocke challenge in my heartgold, inspired my marriland. These are the rules:

Pokemon are placed in pairs, so there will be three pairs. I can only switch to its partner, not another pairs pokemon. It would be like cheating on someone.

All pokemon must be nicknamed. This is to strengthen the friendship between me and them.

No depositing pokemon in pc. The pc is a grave, how would you feel If you were buried alive? Newly caught pokemon will be placed in a stasis mode.

Only catch the first eligible pokemon in the route. That means, if I have an odd number of a certain gender, I must catch the other gender. Example: male sentret, have to catch female pokemon, then I can catch a pokemon of any gender. I also cannot catch pokemon which I already have or their evolutions.

Gender less pokemon can never be caught. Legendaries must be killed.

Fainted pokemon are dead. If it faints, it's partner must avenge it. If not, They both die.

I think that's it for the rules, and I hope you enjoy this. If you don't, please don't troll, no one wants that. Some jokers might say, why no gay pokemon? Then it would be like a normal nuzlocke, and so I must have 3 males and 3 females.

I will try to update this when I can, and if this topic dies ill make a new one.

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#2
Sounds like a bad Nuzlocke.

(Edit: but I'll endorse it as an equal opportunities person)

Soon, Carnivine we shall rise!!

Hopefully by March I'll be ready. Work is djeidnedoksiznwsm...all of my time.
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User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#3
Okay, how should I write this for you guys?

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#4
Bruce_Wanye posted...
Okay, how should I write this for you guys?

Like the Batman would.
Chespin 2013
Chespin me right round like a record

User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#5
???: Hello there, welcome to the world of pokemon!

Uh, who are you?

Oak: I'm oak, of course! We live in a world filled with creatures called pokemon! People battle with, trade, and research pokemon. Now, are you are a boy or a girl.

I look down. Yep definately a boy. "Name's Gold. Like the precious metal."

Oak: gold are you ready? You will now be shrunk!

Wait, what?!

I wake up in a room. I see stairs, I go down them. Because I can.

Mom: Gold! Professor elm is looking for you. Why don't you go visit him?

She gives me all my stuff and no sooner do I leave the house when a marill bumps into me! "Hey little fella, where did you come from?" But the marill turns and runs towards a girl who was calling him.

"Hey, gold!"

"H-hi L-Lyra!"

She smiles, then leaves. I walk down the road, until I see a big building which says 'Elms lab' on it. I enter.

Elm: oh hey, Gold! I just got a call from mr pokemon. The old fool says he's got an egg, so will you go get it? Oh, and have your pick from those pokemon over there. You need them to protect you on this journey!

I take out my trainer id. If last number ends in 1-3, I will get chikorita if it is 4-6 totodile and 7-9 cyndaquil is my choice. I close my eyes, hope for the best then look at the number.

8! It's an eight! "Cynda!" Says the echidna.

"I choose you, cyndaquil! Hmm, I guess I will name you Jalapeño!

Jalapeño seemed very happy with his name, and elm bid me farewell.

Lyra: wow, you got a cyndaquil! It's sooooo cute! Take good care of it!

I go and show the cyndaquil to my mom, then head out to route 29, armed with a pokegear and an impish cyndaquil!

User Info: evillocke

4 years ago#6
I am liking this story. Make it T rated please.
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User Info: Brandon042487

4 years ago#7
Marriland did it first
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User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#8
The Redheaded Thief!

I step in the tall grass, and am ambushed by pidgeys and rattatas and sentrets oh my! I make it all the way to a city called cherry grove.

Old man: Stahp right there, young 'un!

"Umm, what do you want?"

"To show you around, of course! Come on!"

The old freak of nature actually moves faster than me. He shows me a place where you can heal your damaged pokemon, the pokemon center. Then the pokemon mart, the pokemon equivalent to 7/11. Then he shows me the sea (no s*** Sherlock) and then...

Old man: I guess you won't go very fast like that! Here take my running shoes, they're still warm!

"Just kidding!"

I put on the shoes and race north out of the city.

"Hey there!"

What_now? I think and get ready to run again, but he loads the map onto my pokegear with a smile.

"I'm heeeeeeere to help!"

As I run up the route, I pass two guys battling, get my acorn case and level Jalapeño up to level 6!

When I arrive to a secluded house near a cave, I enter. "You must be elms boy, yes? Here, take this egg and have a rest! The excited Mr Pokemon says.

Oak: What is this?

"Oh, not you again."

"Now now, gold, I'm just looking at your pokemon. It's a rare one! Hmmmm.... I've made up my mind!

He hands me a valuable item: the pokedex! Oak bids us farewell, then leaves.

User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#9
Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring ring!

I picked up my pokegear, which annoyingly was playing nicki minaj's new song.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Oh Gold, it's terrible!"

"Elm? Is that you? What happened?

Elm: Please get back here as quickly as you can!

Elm needed help. I turned to Jalapeño, who had a fiery look in his eyes. I ran as fast as I could, through the tall grass, over the ledges, then back to cherrygrove.

"Come on, buddy, we're almost there!" "Cyndaquil!"

I exited the city and arrived at route 29. But there was someone waiting for me.

It was the redhead from Elms lab. He had a cool, sinister look and stopped in front of me.

"You have a pokemon?" He asked. "We'll, I have one too, and it's much stronger than you piece of crap fire type. Go totodile!"

Oh, he went there. Jalapeño was enraged at being insulted and charged at totodile, who dodged him. "Use scratch!" The totodile put out its claws and dragged them across jalapeños back.

"Blind him!" I commanded. Jalapeño spat out a smoke screen that covered the totodile. "Now tackle it!" He complied.

"No!" Yelled the redhead. "Totodile, I order you to scratch him again!"

Throughit the smokescreen, jalapeño had tackled the totodile, who, while dazed, tried to scratch him again. "Tackle him again! Yes! Now finish him off!"

Jalapeño charged at the water croc and took it out!

"Tch!" Spat the redhead. He recalled totodile. "You may have beaten me, but don't think you are strong. Next time we meet, I'll destroy you. The names Silver, remember that!"

I journeyed back to my home town, and went into elms lab.

There, a policeman tried to arrest me. "So!" Said chief wigland triumphantly. "I've found you! You are the thief!"

"Hold on!" said Lyra, bursting in defiantly. "He has nothing to do with it. It was that Redheaded boy!"

"It's true! I fought him, he had a totodile and said his name was silver!"

Chief Wigland narrowed his eyes, then decided to believe me. "Silver, eh? We will keep a lookout for this individual. Someone with such a stupid name cannot get far."

"Yeah," I agree, "Imagine being named after a metal. Whut a looser!"

I turned to Lyra. "Thanks for saving me."

She winked. "Anytime, partner."

Partner? Oh dear!

Next time, route 30!


Jalapeño (cyndaquil) lv 7




This is my first time writing a nuzlocke, so I apologise if my writing is amateurish.

User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#10
I wonder if anyone is reading this?
My Wedlocke Challenge! Check it out!
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