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Which Pokeball design do you like the best?

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User Info: Nintendoboy77

4 years ago#1
Personally, I've always liked the Ultra Ball design. Not only does it look cool, but it makes me feel elite.

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#2
Plain old Pokeball.
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User Info: sonicqaz2

4 years ago#3
Pokeball is the best, but dusk ball has the best animation
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User Info: Pikaley

4 years ago#4
personally like the dusk ball appearance and animation the best, tho premier and timer ball look cool too
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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#5
Luxury Ball or Quick Ball
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#6
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User Info: Thekliq

4 years ago#7
Quick, Luxury, and Dusk. Premier and Heal are pretty nice, too.

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#8
Ultra, but Dusk has the best animation.
If I could put Dusk Balls' animation on Ultra Balls, then you'd have the perfect Poke Ball.
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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#9
I've always loved Ultra Ball (I have an Ultra Ball stress ball and an Ultra Ball plushie LOL)

But I also like Premier a lot (prolly my overall fav is Premier) and I like Dusk ball. And kinda Net Ball.
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User Info: ElectricNova

4 years ago#10
I like great balls the most, the blue with the red stripes looks cool.
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