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Hmm so Fennekin is a Fennic

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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#11
MetaFalconPunch posted...
reaverz posted...
Since they're desert foxes, it makes the prospect of Fire/Ground possible. I would favor the type combo if its stats focused on Sp.Atk and Speed, since it would make it radically different than the previous Fire/Ground, Camerupt. It also takes Stealth Rock for x1 because of the Ground typing, which I suspect is the reason why Emboar ended up Fire/Fighting.

Mmm, fast and special Fire/Ground with Nasty Plot, Fire Blast, Earth Power, and Hidden Power...

But 4X weakness to water...

Nobody complained about starters being x4 weak to Rock, Grass, and Ice.
Fact: Things are so much better when taken at face value.
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